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Structural Analysis

PROKON Structural Analysis and Design includes several analysis modules for calculating deflections and design forces in structural members. At the core lies Sumo Structural Modeler and  Frame Analysis, two general-purpose finite element analysis packages that integrate with the PROKON steel, concrete and timber design modules. Separate modules are also available for special or simple tasks: Plane Stress/Strain Analysis, Single Span Beam Analysis and Beam on Elastic Support Analysis.

Analysis-Design Integration

Summary of integration between analysis and design modules:

ModuleDesign Link from Sumo and
Frame Analysis
Design from Single
Span Beam Analysis
Steel Member Design
Member Design for Axial Stress x  
Member Design for Combined Stress x x
Steel Connection Design
Base Plate Design x  
Beam-Column Connection Design x  
Apex Connection Design x  
Hollow Section Connection Design x  
Double Angle Cleat Connection Design x  
Fin Plate Connection Design x  
End Plate Connection Design x  
Concrete Design
Continuous/Beam Slab Design x  
Rectangular Column Design x  
Circular Column Design x  
Concrete Base Design x  
Timber Design
Timber Member Design x