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General Structural Analysis

The PROKON suite includes a number of utilities that do not fall in any of the major analysis and design categories:

  • Section properties calulcation
  • Wind pressure analysis
  • Gutter size design
  • Section and material databases
  • PROKON Calcpad


Prosec - Section Properties Calculation

Calculate the bending and torsional section properties of any general shape. Sections can have openings and thin walls.

Complex sections can be drawn in Padds (optionally important from AutoCAD) and then traced. Amongst others, the following section properties are caclulated:

  • Basic and bending section propeties: cross-sectional area, location of centroid and orientation of major and minor axes, moments of inertia, deviation moment of inertia, section modulus, plastic modulus, polar moment of inertia, radius of gyration, length of outside perimeter, void ratio, and section efficiency factor.
  • Torsional section properties: normalized shear stress, effective shear area, location of shear centre, St. Venant torsional constant, mono-symmetry constant, torsional modulus, and warping torsional constant

You can save custom sections (section properties as well as actual geometry) in the Section Database for easy reuse elsewhere in PROKON.

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Wind Pressure Analysis

Wind Pressure Analysis

Calculate free stream velocity pressures, wind loads on various building geometries, and frictional effects on cladding materials. Both input and output are include 3D graphics for easy visualization of wind direction and pressure vectors.






Gutter and Downpipe Design

Gutter and Downpipe Design

Using the requirements of BS 12056-3 - 2000, design gutters and down pipes to drain roof of building structures for specified rain intensities and durations. The program gives a 3D visualization of the roof segment under analysis, and a roof draining and gutter draining diagram makes the interpretation of the result easy to understand. The outflow characteristics of each gutter segment and each down pipe is summarized in table form. Detailed design calculations are also provided.

Section Database

Central repository for sections used by the various analysis, design and detailing modules. The database includes a comprehensive collection of standard steel, precast concrete, and timber sections that are available in several countries.

Section Database














You can extend the section database easily by entering new section; section properties are calculated automatically (for entered dimensions) for standard profile types. You can use Prosec to calculate properties of irregular shapes and add them as custom sections.

Material Database

Properties for various grades of steel, concrete and timber available in several countries to use with the Frame Analysis module. The material properties recognise different approaches in design codes, e.g. concrete cylinder strength vs. cube strength. The database also includes non-linear stres-strain curves that you can use for non-linear analyses in Frame Analysis.

Material Database

















PROKON Calcpad

At the core of the PROKON suite lies Calcpad, from where you launch the various analysis and design modules. You can use Calcpad to collect the output from the design modules, build calculation sheets with design notes, drawings and equations.

PROKON Calcpad
Calcpad can act as your project database, containing all the output tables and graphs of the various modules, as well as embedded input data. You can customise the layout and appearance of your calcsheets, to make the appearance of your PROKON design calculations match your corporate stationary.


The scripting tool provides a programmable interface for Calcpad. Ut is based on the popular Pascal programming language, extended with special functions to use with PROKON. You can automated repetitive calculations with scripts, and make them user friendly by adding graphics, input grids, equations, calculations, reference text and much more.