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Prosec - Section Properties Calculation

Calculate the bending and torsional section properties of any general shape. Sections can have openings and thin walls.

Complex sections can be drawn in Padds (optionally important from AutoCAD) and then traced. Amongst others, the following section properties are caclulated:

  • Basic and bending section propeties: cross-sectional area, location of centroid and orientation of major and minor axes, moments of inertia, deviation moment of inertia, section modulus, plastic modulus, polar moment of inertia, radius of gyration, length of outside perimeter, void ratio, and section efficiency factor.
  • Torsional section properties: normalized shear stress, effective shear area, location of shear centre, St. Venant torsional constant, mono-symmetry constant, torsional modulus, and warping torsional constant

You can save custom sections (section properties as well as actual geometry) in the Section Database for easy reuse elsewhere in PROKON.

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