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PROKON Geotechnical Analysis is a colaboration by Prokon Software Consultantants and ARQ Specialist Engineers. The suite comprises a number of modules for analysis stability and determining capacity.

Geotechnical Analysis

For Engineers, by Engineers

The PROKON suite of analysis and design programs is developed and supported by a team of professional engineers. A collection of geotecnical analysis modules are distributed with PROKON Structural Analysis and Design (there is no need to order any structural modules if your work is of purely geotechnical nature). Analysis modules are available in the following categories:

Deterministic Probabilistic Analysis

With the exception of the Pile Bearing Capacity module, all modules can perform deterministic analyses as well as a probabilistic analyses. With a probabilistic analysis you can take into account variations in material properties and other parameters.

Distribution types that can be applied to material properties in a probabilistic analysis include uniform, triangular, exponential, normal, log normal and beta distributions. You can set the number of analysis iterations to perform and the required probability limit.