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Generalised Slope Analysis

Slope stability analysis of generalized soil slopes using Bishop's Modified Method (circular slip surface). Input options include:

  • Any general slope geometry.
  • Multiple layers of materials with differing shear strength properties.
  • Generalised Slope AnalysisMaterial properties defined in terms of shear strength parameters or an undrained shear strength profile.
  • Water pressures defined by phreatic surfaces.
  • External loadings
  • Soil reinforcement

Analysis options:

  • Analysis for user-defined slip circle.
  • Search for the critical minimum factor of safety slip circle.

Generalised Non-circular Slip Analysis

Generalised Non-Circular Slip AnalysisSlope stability analysis of soil slopes using the non-vertical slice method proposed by Sarma (non-circular slip). The user interface and analysis options are almost identical to the Generalised Slope Analys is module except for the ability to define a slip surface of any general shape. You can also include faults and discontinuity planes in the slope definition.