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Once you have transferred a model from Revit® to Sumo or Frame Analysis, you can proceed to detail design and reinforcement detailing, and finally transfer the reinforcement back to the Revit® model.

Reinforcement transfer from PROKON to RevitLinking with the PROKON® concrete design modules

The design and detailing workflow would typically be is as follows:

  • Build the model in Revit®.
  • Use Prodesk to transfer the model to Sumo or Frame Analysis.
  • Make any needed modifications to the structural model, e.g. enter loads if you have not done so in the Revit® model.
  • Perform the frame analysis to determine the design forces.
  • Use the Design Links function to generate design input for concrete bases and columns.
  • Perform the necessary design checks and generate reinforcement.
  • Use Prodesk to transfer the 3D reinforcement layout back to Revit® model.

This procedure can be used to reinforce groups of bases or columns (that are similar in function and dimension) at the same time.

Note: You can open bending schedules generated with the concrete design modules in AutoCAD® using the Probar 2D (formerly AutoPadds) extension. Probar 2D extends AutoCAD® and turns it into a full-featured 2D reinforcement detailing package.