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Captain - Prestressed Beam/Slab Design

Design and detailing of prestressed concrete beams and slabs. The program's name, Captain, is an acronym for Computer Aided Post-Tensioning Analysis Instrument. Its workings is similar to that of Continuous Beam/Slab Design, but it adds additional design features such as complex sections such as bridge decks, and user-specified load combinations (as an alternative to pattern loading).

Prestressed Beam/Slab Design

You can specify the characteristics of the prestressing tendons/cables, and use parabolic or harped profiles. The program has a function for automatic generation of tendon profiles that is based on balancing a specified percentage of dead load. You can also place of additional (conventional) steel reinforcement to contain cracking, control long-term deflection, and increase flexural or shear capacity at ULS. The program can also perform punching shear design checks for slabs, and include the ability to use column heads (drop panels).

Different to Continuous Beam/Slab Design, Captain can generate tendon profile schedules. Schedules can be edited and printed using Padds or Probar 2D.