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Finite Element Slab DesignFESD - Finite Element Slab Design

Design of flat slabs using shell finite element analysis. Availability of this program was discontinued in 2008. Similar features and more are now available in Sumo Structural Modeller and Frame Analysis with the Finite Element add-on.


Rectangular Slab Panel Design

Design and detailing of rectangular flat slab panels. The four corners of the slab panel are supported, e.g. columns) and you can specify the support conditions for each of the four edges: free, supported and/or continuous. You can enter multiple load cases comprising point loads, line loads and UDLs, and combine these with ULS load factors.

Rectangular Slab Panel Design

An automated reinforcement detailing allows you to edit reinforcement and generate a bending schedule that you can edit and print using Padds or Probar 2D.