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The PROKON suite includes three concrete column design modules: one for rectangular columns, another for circular columns, and a third for designing columns with any general shape. For rectangular and circular columns you can enter the geometry and design loads manually, or automate data entry by linking from the analysis results in Frame Analysis.

Rectangular Column Design

Design and detailing of rectangular columns. Columns can be short or slender in one or both directions, and different fixity conditions at the bottom and top. You can enter multiple load cases comprising axial load and moments about one or both axes at the bottom or top of the column. The program compiles column design charts and provides complete design calculation sheets.

Concrete Column DesignGenerating reinforcement bending schedules is easy; the program provides full control over the main bars and the stirrups. You can open the bending schedules in Padds or Probar 2D for final editing (if needed) and printing.

Circular Column Design

Design and detailing of circular columns. The features and use of the program is similar to the Rectangular Column Design module, except that it specifically caters for circular columns.

General Column Design

General Column DesignDesign and detailing of concrete columns with any general shape. Data entry is similar to the Rectangular Column Design program, for entering the column geometry: you enter the column outline and any openings, as well as the position and size (if known) of each longitudinal reinforcement bar.

During the design, you have the option of evaluating the column capacity for the reinforcement bars as entered, or to calculate the minimum bar size required to resist the design loads.

You can generate a reinforcement bending schedule that you can edit and print with Padds or Probar 2D.