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Steel Connection Design

The PROKON steel member connection design modules are used primarily in conjunction with Frame Analysis. After an analysis, you can link to the design modules by simply clicking a connection or support node with the click of your mouse -- all information relating to the connection geometry and design loads will be exported to the connection design module. However, you can also use the connection design modules on their own, entering geometry and design loads manually.

The connection design modules have the ability to display connections in 2D or 3D. You can export the pictures as drawings to Padds, AutoCAD and other CAD software.

Analysis-Design-Detailing Integration

Summary of integration between analysis, design and detailing modules:

Module Design Link from
Sumo and
Frame Analysis
Drawing to CAD
or Padds
Base Plate Design x x
Beam-Column Connection Design x x
Apex Connection Design x x
Hollow Section Connection Design Design x x
Double Angle Cleat Connection Design x x
Fin Plate Connection Design x x
End Plate Connection Design x x