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Moment Connection Design

Design connections that transmit shear, moment and axial force. Only forces in the plane of the connection are considered, i.e. vertical shear, axial compression or tension and in-plane moment.

Two modules are available for design of moment connections:

  • Beam to Column Connection DesignBeam to Column Connection Design
  • Apex Connection Design

The two modules support all I and H sections (universal columns and universal beams) in the Section Database. The connection can be bolted or welded. Beams can have haunches and placed at any angle. An optimisation function is available to help you determine a suitable layout, eg. web plates, stiffeners, bolt sizes and spacing. The design output includes a calcsheet with full design calculations. You can view the connections in 3D or 2D (e.g. elevation or plan) and save the pictures as CAD drawings.