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Shear Connection Design

When a bolt group or weld group is loaded in its plane and the load does not work through the centroid of the group, additional shear forces are caused in the bolts or welds. The shear connection design modules calculate the maximum resistance of bolt and weld groups.

Two shear connection design modules are available:

  • Weld Group DesignBolt Group Design (bearing or friction grip connections)
  • Weld Group Design (fillet welds)

When determining the bolt forces and weld stresses, you can choose to use either a linear (polar moment) or non-linear (instantaneous centre of gyration) method of analysis. To simplify input of welds, you can use a wizard tho place welds around the outline of standard steel sections. The design output displays the bolt forces and weld stresses graphically and provides calcsheets with design calculations. The programs can determine the minimum bolt or weld size required to resist the design loads.