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Steel Member Design

The PROKON Structural Analysis and Design suite includes a number of modules with which you can design most types of steel members. Some modules interact with Sumo Structural ModellerFrame Analysis and Single Span Beam Analysis, allowing you to effortlessly post-process analysis results.

Analysis-Design Integration

Summary of integration between analysis and design and detailing modules:

Module Design Link from
Sumo and
Frame Analysis
Design from Single
Span Beam Analysis
Member Design for Axial Stress x  
Member Design for Combined Stress x x

Truss and Frame Design

Two modules are available for design and optimisation of basic steel members. In most case your will use these members design modules in conjunction with Frame Analysis. After analysis, you will open the structural model in the design module, set the design parameters, and then perform the design. You can also use the modules for interactive design of steel members, entering the geometry and design loads manually.

  • Detailed Design CalculationsMember Design for Axial Stress (struts and ties)
  • Member Design for Combined Stress (beams and columns)

Given the different design scope of the two programs, you may often use both modules to design different parts of the same structure, e.g. Member Design for Combined Stress to check the main framing elements and Member Design for Axial Stress to design the roof truss and cross-bracing.

When using the design modules, you can set up design tasks. Each task lists the members to be designed, the design parameters such as effective length factors, and the design approach. The design approach can be to either evelatuate the current sections (as defined in Frame Analysis) or to optimise the section sizes, i.e. choose the lightest sections that will resist the design loads. You can save the design tasks to a file so that you can easily recall it later, e.g. after you have made changes to the model and need to check the design again.

When designing simple beams, the Member Design for Combined Stress module can use the analysis output from the Single Span Beam Analysis module.

The programs generate the following design output:

  • Member Design for Axial Stress: Calcsheet with tabular design results listing slenderness ratios, allowable stress and design stress for each member.
  • Member Design for Combined Stress: Calcheet with summary or in-depth design calculations for every member and graphs showing axial force and bending moment distribution along the length of the member.

Plastic Frame Analysis

Plastic and optimisation design of plane frames. Availability of this program was discontinued in 2007. Equivalent features and more are now available in Sumo Structural Modeller and Frame Analysis with the Non-Linear Analysis add-on.

Plastic Frame Design

Crane Gantry Girder Design

Design and optimisation of crane gantry girders. The program supports several classes of cranes, multiple steel sections, capping sections, and multiple cranes on a single girder. It calculates the envelopes for all the required design forces (inlcuding vertical loads and horizontal effects of the moving cranes), moments and deflections.The design output includes deflection, bending moment and shear force diagrams, and calcsheets with detailed calculations.

Crane Gantry Girder Design

Plate Girder Design

Design of welded plate girders. The program is capable is designing I-shaped sections with identical or different top and bottom flanges. You can also make the section properties vary along the length of the girder to model a tapered element. Plate girders are normally used to resist high bending moments and/or vertical shear forces; correspondingly the program considers the effects of vertical load only. The design output includes vertical and horizontal deflection, bending moment and shear force diagrams, and also calcsheets with detailed calculations of all elements including stiffeners.

Plate Girder Design