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CAD and Detailing

The PROKON suite includes a full-featured CAD program, Padds, designed specifically for structural engineers. It is intuitive to use and new users are usually pleasantly surprised by its easy learning curve. Without the bloat of modern CAD systems, all that remains is a lean and powerful tool for drawing and structural detailing.

The reinforcement detailing functionality of Padds is also available in Probar 2D (formerly AutoPadds), an extension for AutoCAD®. Padds is further complemented by the free PaddView drawing viewer.

Padds - Parametric Drawing and Detailing System

Concrete detailing, general purpose CAD and model generation for PROKON analysis modules.

Al the basic CAD procedures are available to create or edit drawings. Elements like lines, arcs, circles, splines, text, hatch, dimensions, blocks, and construction lines are all supported with a host of editing functions. Using an innovative approach to layers and scales, laying out details on a drawing sheet is very intuitive.

The program has a large number of reinforcement detailing functions. You can work with reinforcement bending schedules created with the concrete design modules, or create drawings and schedules from scratch. It support reinforcement shape codes defined in the following codes of practice:

  • BS 4466 - 1989
  • BS 8666 - 2005
  • SANS 282 - 2004

Note: The reinforcement detailing functionality of Padds is also available in Probar 2D, an extension for AutoCAD® that is sold seperately. Probar 2D can open Padds drawings, including bending schedules generated by the PROKON concrete design modules. Padds is often looked upon as a tool for engineers and designers (i.e. team members that don't necessarily use AutoCAD®), and Probar 2D as a tool for draftsmen and technicians (i.e. people that do use AutoCAD® on a regular basis). Depending on the specific requirements of your work environment, this will not necessarily hold true for you.

Padds' powerful macro and scripting functionality (based on the Pascal programming language), allows you to develop your own extensions. Included macro functions include a complete staircase detailing function, and a function to combine multiple bending schedules (A4 of letter size) onto a larger sheet.

Reinforced Concrete Detailing

Finite Element Mesh GenerationLinks with the Section Database to enable you to draw standard profiles in section, elevation or plan. Creating welding details is also easy given the included library of welding symbols. These features gears Padds for basic detailing of structural steel.

A full library of commonly used structural and architectural entities is available and you can expand this repository as needed.

Padds has the ability to generate geometrical input for other PROKON analysis modules. Examples include drawing shapes for section property calculation in Prosec or design in General Column Design, and taking complex slab geometries and generating finite element meshes for Frame Analysis.

You can import drawings from and export to a variety of formats. Supported formats include AutoCAD DWG, DXF and Caddie CEX.

PadView - Padds Drawing Viewer

Simple utility for viewing and printing Padds drawings. The program is provided free of charge.

PADDS Drawing Viewer