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Using AutoCAD® in conjunction with Revit®

The fact that building contractors prefer working with simple 2D reinforcement placing diagrams, suggests 2D reinforcement detailing will remain the preferred technique for the foreseeable future. For this reason, AutoCAD® Revit® is currently marketed as "suite" that includes AutoCAD® — reinforcement and other 2D detailing tasks are typically performed in AutoCAD® and the drawings linked back to Revit®. To use Probar 2D for detailing reinforcement in conjunction with a Revit® model:

  • Build the model in Revit®.
  • Use the Export function to export a slab or floor layout to CAD format.
  • Open the exported drawing in AutoCAD®, and use the Probar 2D functions to detail the slab.
  • In Revit®, use the Import function on the File menu to import the CAD drawing into the model.

Once linked this way, any changes made in the AutoCAD® drawing (including rebar changes made using Probar 2D) will automatically reflect in the Revit® model.