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The PROKON® Service Pack is a package that includes the latest version of all structural and geotechnical analysis and design modules. The Service Pack is made available as a ZIP archive that is easy to install manually.

Steps to install the PROKON® Service Pack:

  1. Click the link alongside to download the Service Pack to your computer's hard drive.
  2. Close all running PROKON programs except PROKON Calcpad.
  3. In PROKON Calcpad, use the Install Downloads function to install the updated program file.
  4. Alternatively unzip the contents of the archive to your \Prokon folder, overwriting any existing files.

315 MB ZIP file

Note: The recommended method for updating PROKON® is using the Live Update utility – it takes care of all the details for you. However, when upgrading from one major version of PROKON® to another, e.g. from version 2.6 to the current version 3.0, you may find downloading and installing the Service Pack a more convenient option.

Upgrade Eligibility

Read more about the requirements for free program updates.