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Ending license sessions

Long-time users of PROKON will remember that with the old licensing system, sessions were ended automatically when the software was closed. With the new licensing system, sessions are no longer ended automatically when the software is closed.

Due to PROKON’s flexible licensing system, licenses can float between users and most accounts have more license set users than seats. It often happened that a user would close a module, unknowingly ending their session, and minutes later when they wanted to continue their work in another module, that seat was occupied by a colleague. It was decided that users should have direct control over sessions.

Sessions can be ended without signing out, avoiding the hassle of entering the username and passcode every time a new session is started.

To end a session

2022 07 29 09 58 12

To start a new session

2022 07 29 10 02 00 1

The colour-coded squares at the bottom of the form indicate the signed in user and session, respectively.

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