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Installing Probar 2D for AutoCAD®

Probar 2D is an add-in for AutoCAD® that turns it into a full-featured reinforced concrete detailing system. This guide explains how to install and activate Probar 2D.

Before you start…

The installer intelligently installs Probar 2D according to the version of AutoCAD® you have on your machine. Probar 2D runs on the latest three versions of AutoCAD®:

  • AutoCAD® 2021
  • AutoCAD® 2022
  • AutoCAD® 2023

Installation process…

During the installation process, make sure that you have full administrative rights on the computer. If not, the installation won’t be complete, and you will encounter problems with some of the functionalities.

Let’s get started…

  1. Download the installation file for Probar 2D
  2. Run the installation file
Snag 44b914
  1. Select the options you want and click on ‘Next
Snag 44c384
  1. Read the EULA and check the box ‘I accept‘, then click ‘Next
Snag 44cf2c
  1. Specify the desired settings folder, then click ‘Next
Snag 44f746
  1. Click ‘Next‘ to start the installer
Snag 450223
  1. Wait for the installation to complete
Snag 4514a1
  1. Select which version of AutoCAD® to run
Snag 454ad4
  1. Click ‘Finish‘ to complete the installation
Snag 455600
  1. Sign into the License Manager, select the Prodesk 2D license set, click Apply to start the session  
Snag 4edf77
  1. After the installation has completed, run AutoCAD® as administrator once
Snag 50e70f
  1. The Probar 2D tab should now appear in the AutoCAD® ribbon
Snag 501fc7

Note: If Probar 2D is not included in your license agreement, contact your local reseller to request a trial license.

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