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Installing Prodesk For Revit

Prodesk is an add-in that allows you to transfer information between Autodesk® Revit® and Sumo or Frame.

This guide assumes that you already have one of the three most recent versions of Revit installed.

1. Download the Prodesk installer for:

2. Run the setup

3. Click Next to start the installation process

image 22

4. Read the EULA and press Next to accept

image 23

5. Enter your registered PROKON email address and press Next to continue

image 24

6. Choose the desired installation folder and press Next to continue

image 25

7. Click Next to continue the installation

image 26

8. Wait for the installer to complete the process

image 28

9. Click Finish to complete the installation

image 29

9. The Prokon tab should now appear in the Revit ribbon

image 32

10. Sign in to the license manager, select the Structural Integration license set, and click Apply to start the session

image 30
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