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Migrating to the new license manager (Lima)

With the release of PROKON 5.0, we’ve introduced a new licensing system. All accounts will be moved to the new system with their annual renewal. From this point on, your old login details will no longer be valid and you’ll need to register on the new system. Once the renewal is complete, your account Administrator will be invited via email to set up their account. The Administrator will then add Managers and License Set Users, giving other people within the organisation access to the license.

Setup your profile

Upon receiving your invite, click the Login link at the end of the message. The setup is fairly simple and the system will guide you through it.

2022 08 03 10 56 20
Example invite

With the profile created, you are able to view license information in the Lima Web Interface.

2022 08 03 10 59 33
Lima Web Interface dashboard

With your profile completed, you still need to sign in to the Lima Desktop app and start a session in order to use the software.

Download the Lima Desktop app

If you used the old license manager, you’ll need to upgrade to the new one. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Use the Live Update utility in Calcpad
  2. Download and install the latest PROKON setup package
  3. Download Lima and manually replace the old LicenseManager.exe in c:\prokon\bin with the new one

Sign in to Lima

With the installation complete, open License Manager > Sign in using your new credentials created in the Lima Web Interface.

2022 08 03 10 50 47

The difference between the old and new license manager can be seen below.

2022 08 02 15 55 42

The green squares at the bottom of the form indicate that you are signed in and in session, respectively.

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