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The Live Update utility allows to you easily update all your PROKON modules to the latest versions. To use Live Update:

  • Close all running PROKON® programs except Calcpad. If using the current version 3.1 of PROKON®, launch Live Update from Home tab in Calcpad, else launch it from the Tools menu. Alternatively, launch it from the PROKON group on the Windows Start Menu.
  • Live Update will automatically connect with the PROKON update server to retrieve the latest version information. After a few moments, it will show which modules have updates available.
  • Follow the prompts to install the updates. Depending on your internet connection speed and anti-virus scanning, the process should complete in a few minutes.

Troubleshooting tips

Current version of PROKON Live Update

PROKON Live Update

PROKON Live Update prior to version 2.5

PROKON Live Update Note: When if you are already using the current version major version, Live Update is the easiest method to keep your PROKON® programs up to date. However, when upgrading from one major version of PROKON® to another, e.g. from version 2.3 to the current version 3.1, you may find it more convenient to install the Service Pack instead.

Upgrade Eligibility

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