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We publish regular news releases using the following email lists:

  • The PROKON Newsletter announces new developments in the PROKON® suite of programs and extensions for third-party products. It is published once or twice a year.
  • The PROKON Bulletin clarifies common technical issues and explain advanced use PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design. The PROKON Bulletin supplements the Online Knowledgebaseis distributed approximately every three to six months.
  • The PROKON Update Digest mailer is a quarterly summary of program releases.

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Newsletter Archive

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  • December 2013 (Newsflash)
    • Introducing the 64-bit version of Frame Analysis.
    • Larger model.
    • Faster analysis.
  • January 2013 (Newsflash):
    • Introducing PROKON ver 2.6
    • Updated for compatibility with Windows 8.
    • Detached network licensing option: install PROKON locally and bind it to a license on your network.
    • Expanded design code support, including ACI 318 - 2011, AS 3600 - 2009 and CSA A23.3-04 (R2010).
    • A maturing Sumo Structural Modeller with many new and expanded features since its release one year ago.
    • Modelling of partial UDLs and individual rotational releases for beam ends in Frame Analysis.
    • Many more enhancements across the suite of programs... 
  • August 2010 (Newsflash):
    • Introducing PROKON RobotLink
  • July 2010:
    • More advanced design links from Frame Analysis
    • Expanded Eurocode support
    • Cold-formed lipped-channel design
    • Detailed concrete design calculations
    • Windows 7 compatibility
    • Beta version of PROKON TeklaLink
    • New Structural Modeller (Sumo)
  • August 2009:
    • Detailed design calculations
    • Custom sections in Revit®
    • New Prokon website
  • May 2008(Newsflash):
    • Introducing AutoPadds
  • April 2008:
    • Introducing PROKON ver 2.4
    • Frame Analysis wnhancements
    • Easier reinforcement detailing
    • Prosec with units
    • New Pile Bearing Capacity

PROKON Bulletin Archive

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