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A03: Frame Analysis 32-bit

Ver. 3.1.36 2020/09/09
  • Recompiled to correct OPENGL error.
Ver. 3.1.35 2020/08/12
  • Corrected Send to Excel fuction sometimes sending incorrect data to Excel.
Ver. 3.1.34 2020/08/03
  • Added Russian Concrete and Steel Properties.
  • Adjusted send to Calcpad function so that Russian characters display correctly.
  • Updated MKL solver to version 2020.2.254.
Ver. 3.1.33 2020/07/23
  • Corrected loading of input data for spring elements and stage analysis parameters.
Ver. 3.1.32 2020/07/09
  • Fixed node entry not accepting block or arc commands.
Ver. 3.1.31 2020/07/07
  • Corrected buttons on Open and Save As dialogs not showing.
  • Corrected input grids not accepting the character '1'.
Ver. 3.1.30 2020/06/29
  • Added Language output in German, Afrikaans and Russian.
Ver. 3.1.29 2020/04/15
  • Added CSA-A23.3-19 Canadian Concrete Design Code.
  • Implemented version 2020.1.216 of the Intel MKL solver.
  • Now uses the high performance display adapter, if available.
  • Fixed file error that occured after analysing an unstable structure.
Ver. 3.1.28 2020/04/06
  • Added SP 63.13330.2018 Russian Concrete Design Code.
  • Corrected Twisted Beam example giving file error on analyse.
  • Added error message to Continuous Beam Design link if Load Combinations Only are specified.
  • CIS export dialog now supports Unicode text.
Ver. 3.1.27 2020/02/06
  • Corrected link to Apex design module sometimes not picking up connection.
  • Corrected spring capacity influence for nonlinear analyses.
Ver. 3.1.26 2020/01/27
  • Corrected transfer of natural frequencies and participation factors to Excel.
  • Fixed range check error in design link to hollow section connections.
Ver. 3.1.25 2019/11/20
  • Widened scope of modal participation factor output in output file - dynamic analyses.
Ver. 3.1.24 2019/10/17
  • Corrected problem with rigid links when exploding beam input.
Ver. 3.1.23 2019/10/14
  • Expanded design link to Continuous Beam.
Ver. 3.1.22 2019/09/06
  • Fixed design link to BeamCol.
Ver. 3.1.21 2019/08/14
  • Corrected limitation of behaviour factor for seismic analysis.
Ver. 3.1.20 2019/07/03
  • Corrected Block generation of spring elements.
Ver. 3.1.19 2019/06/24
  • Added latest libiomp5md.dll modules for 64 bit version of MKL solver.
Ver. 3.1.18 2019/06/13
  • Added latest libiomp5md.dll modules for MKL solver.
Ver. 3.1.17 2019/05/30
  • Corrected buckling modes not plotting when 'Load Cases only' is specified during analysis.
  • Corrected block command function in spring elements table.
  • Implemented update 4 of the 2019 Intel MKL solver.
Ver. 3.1.16 2019/04/15
  • Corrected shell element axis indicators in near vertical shells.
  • Corrected view plane dialog not storing axis values correctly.
Ver. 3.1.15 2019/04/03
  • Corrected duplicated nodal loads sometimes omitted.
  • Correct conversion to imperial units of Wood-Armer moments in output.
Ver. 3.1.14 2019/03/20
  • Corrected sign of dead load portion of notional horizontal loads.
  • Corrected range check error on mouse move over picture.
  • Corrected 'disabled window' error.
  • Corrected reading in of spring elements using older version files - was sometimes not complete.
  • Now using version 2019.3.203 of the Intel MKL solver.
Ver. 3.1.13 2019/02/27
  • Corrected problem with 'Combine models from files' function.
Ver. 3.1.12 2019/02/22
  • Range check error sometimes occurred during nodal load entry - corrected.
Ver. 3.1.11 2019/02/15
  • Improved formatting of participation factor output.
  • Corrected error sometimes occurring with send to Excel function.
Ver. 3.1.10 2019/02/08
  • Corrected moment diagrams sometimes not displaying.
  • Expanded Participation factor and effective mass outputs to X,Y and Z directions.
Ver. 3.1.09 2019/02/01
  • Corrected mesh generator wizard opening with an error.
Ver. 3.1.08 2019/01/31
  • Corrected spring element dots not showing.
Ver. 3.1.07 2019/01/25
  • Corrected range check error occurring with Base Plate design link.
  • Corrected graphical output of reactions for load combinations in harmonic analysis.
Ver. 3.1.06 2019/01/21
  • Corrected listbox error occurring with Truss and Frame wizard dialog.
  • Corrected Hemispherical shell wizard stretched out position.
Ver. 3.1.05 2019/01/09
  • Corrected spring element force calculations - defaulted to first spring type.
  • Added output of spring forces to send to Excel function.
Ver. 3.1.04 2018/11/20
  • Corrected access violation error occurring when a second Frame is opened.
Ver. 3.1.03 2018/11/16
  • Load case headings in output file adjusted to make them readable by design modules.
Ver. 3.1.02 2018/11/15
  • Corrected beam forces on tension/compression only elements not showing on output graphics.
Ver. 3.1.01 2018/11/07
  • Offset beam function expanded to include one end only offsets and angular offsets.
  • Spring elements enhanced:.
  • Spring element type separated from spring input.
  • Spring Force and Moment capacities added for all 6 DOF.
  • Add springs function expanded to enable springs to be added at a single node connecting all beams meeting at the node.
  • Occasional blank screen on older Win 10 versions, fixed.
Ver. 3.1.00 2018/09/28
  • Version 3.1 released.
Ver. 3.0.44 2018/09/11
  • Range check error fixed - occured when plotting output.
Ver. 3.0.43 2018/09/11
  • Range check error fixed - occured with more than 500 load cases and combinations combined.
Ver. 3.0.42 2018/08/14
  • Corrected "List Index out of bounds" error sometimes occurring when run in Windows 7.
Ver. 3.0.41 2018/07/03
  • Improved convergence for shells under non-linear analysis.
  • Implemented Intel solver version 2018.3.210.
Ver. 3.0.40 2018/04/26
  • Corrected slow program response with high number of beam section properties.
Ver. 3.0.39 2018/04/19
  • Corrected Access Violation error.
Ver. 3.0.38 2018/02/26
  • Corrected add beam/shell functions when clicking on an underlay read in via .dxf or .pad file.
Ver. 3.0.37 2018/01/30
  • Corrected most recently used files not loading.
  • Corrected right click and Save as on 3D graphics.
Ver. 3.0.36 2018/01/25
  • Plate mesh generator: corrected plate input not showing; corrected line loads not generated.
Ver. 3.0.35 2018/01/05
  • Corrected deflections not shown for load combinations with non-linear analysis.
  • Corrected issue with drawing engine revision 11.
Ver. 3.0.34 2017/12/07
  • Added Sp factor to input list for New Zealand code seismic parameters input.
  • Corrected plotting of second order moments of slender tension elements.
  • Corrected wood-Armer moments and shell rebar for non-linear analysis/stage analysis.
  • Corrected plotting of saved stage deflections.
Ver. 3.0.33 2017/11/15
  • Corrections and improvements for modelling of plasticity in beams - nonlinear analysis.
Ver. 3.0.32 2017/08/07
  • Stage analysis refined.
  • Stage analysis now allows temporary loading for point, beam and shell loads.
  • Supports: stage numbers do not need to be entered - supports will be added automatically when needed.
Ver. 3.0.31 2017/08/02
  • Stage analysis added.
  • Corrected beam sections getting mixed up when using the delete tool.
Ver. 3.0.30 2017/05/24
  • Corrections to design link to Base Plate module.
  • Corrected incomplete Eurekalog error reporting.
Ver. 3.0.29 2017/04/26
  • Adjusted Eurocode vertical spectral accelerations.
  • Fixed discontinuities in deflections and forces for harmonic analysis.
Ver. 3.0.28 2017/04/11
  • Corrected Eurocode spectral accelerations.
  • Reactivated Eurekalog error reporting function.
Ver. 3.0.27 2017/04/11
  • Corrected link to new base plate program.
  • Added ACI318 - 2014 concrete design code for reinforcement calculations.
  • Added type 2 and vertical spectra for Eurocode Earthquake analysis.
  • Correction to earthquake displacement and force amplitude analyses.
  • Adjustment to harmonic analysis - improved results using benchmarks.
Ver. 3.0.26 2017/03/16
  • Corrected bending moment diagrams for seismic analysis.
  • Corrected inspection tool for beam member forces for seismic analysis.
  • Fixed Excitation frequencies for harmonic analysis sometimes not reading correctly from data file.
Ver. 3.0.25 2017/02/20
  • Solids extrusion tool added to modeller.
Ver. 3.0.24 2017/01/30
  • Corrected DXF file underlay in the modeller not positioning on the work plane.
Ver. 3.0.23 2016/12/02
  • Corrected non-linear analysis sometimes not converging.
Ver. 3.0.22 2016/11/09
  • Changed design link to Base Plate module to use the new Base Plate module.
Ver. 3.0.21 2016/10/19
  • Improved modelling of vertical beam elements for non-linear analysis.
  • Corrected "call to an OS function failed" error that occurred when quickly switching ribbon tabs.
  • Improved solid element formulation.
Ver. 3.0.20 2016/09/30
  • Corrected second order analysis certain udl's not added with very small aloads.
  • Refined convergence for gap supports.
  • Improved stiffness modelling for solid elements.
Ver. 3.0.19 2016/09/09
  • Corrected bending moment diagrams for columns - moment diagrams sometimes flipped around.
Ver. 3.0.18 2016/09/09
  • Range check error fixes. Recompiled on new compiler.
  • Increased precision of angular increment for Circular Reservoir Wizard; more consistent shell element sizes when specifying large number of elements.
Ver. 3.0.17 2016/07/28
  • Added compression only member option for beam sections.
  • Range check error fixed in 3D plotting routine.
Ver. 3.0.16 2016/06/08
  • Fixed earthquake analysis for New Zealand code.
  • Fixed problem with earthquake analysis with Euro code sometimes giving undefined values.
  • Adjusted error messaging during second order and non-linear analyses for non-convergence, to only report at the end of the analysis.
Ver. 3.0.15 2016/05/17
  • Corrected Hong Kong (2013) concrete code not giving results when compressive stresses taken into account in shells.
  • Corrected over estimation of compressive reinforcement required for AS3600 - 2009 code in shells.
Ver. 3.0.14 2016/05/09
  • Fixed copy protection for maintenance that has expired - did not allow FE, second order, dynamic and non-linear functions.
  • Fixed second order deflections and moments for large axial loads.
Ver. 3.0.13 2016/05/06
  • Corrected bending moment diagrams for near vertical beam elements with non-linear analysis.
  • Corrected 3D drawing of elements with undefined sections - thus using only Ixx and Area.
  • Implemented Intel MKL version 11.3 Update 3 - Pardiso and other solvers.
Ver. 3.0.12 2016/04/20
  • Range check error fixed.
Ver. 3.0.11 2016/04/18
  • Corrected output file tab sometimes becoming inaccessible.
  • Corrected transfer of beam group numbers for beam element forces when sending to calcsheets or Excel.
Ver. 3.0.10 2016/04/01
  • Corrected shell reinforcement calculations for tension only.
Ver. 3.0.09 2016/03/15
  • Added file name to program header.
  • Added 'Find Node' functions to various input screens.
  • Re-added 'Group add nodal loads' function.
Ver. 3.0.08 2016/03/08
  • Corrected selection rectangle display when selecting on design links page.
Ver. 3.0.07 2016/03/04
  • Corrected selection rectangle display when selecting with view planes switched on.
  • Improved display of dialog boxes for view point and view plane functions in the picture.
Ver. 3.0.06 2016/02/23
  • Design links tab was not alive when loading an already analised model - fixed.
  • Some range check errors fixed.
Ver. 3.0.05 2016/02/17
  • Fixed beam force Y-moment envelopes for second order analysis.
Ver. 3.0.04 2016/01/29
  • Fixed drawing of load cases when clicking in load table or ther eplot structure button.
  • Fixed strange characters appearing in file function submenus.
Ver. 3.0.03 2016/01/12
  • Corrected beam stiffness matrices for cases where ends have different release types.
  • Fixed drawing of bending moment diagrams for pinned beams in harmonic analyses.
Ver. 3.0.02 2015/12/15
  • Corrected reinforcement calculations for very small axial stresses in shells.
  • Corrected display values for reinforcement and Wood-Armer moments when clicking on a specific shell.
Ver. 3.0.01 2015/12/09
  • Correction of licensing error introduced by maintenance release.
Ver. 3.0.00 2015/12/01
  • Major release.
Ver. 2.6.82 2015/11/27
  • Fixed error where "nnnnn.bin access denied" message came up.
  • Fixed legend disappearing from shell contour diagrams when resizing picture window.
Ver. 2.6.81 2015/11/20
  • Fixed Force diagrams not refreshing on load case changes.
Ver. 2.6.80 2015/11/19
  • Fixed crashes occuring in input tables with large models.
Ver. 2.6.79 2015/11/17
  • Further improvements to themes, colours etc.
  • Fixed line loads not showing in modeller.
  • Fixed combining of output files loosing section input.
  • Fixed graphical changing of shell element properties.
Ver. 2.6.78 2015/10/12
  • Fixed Access violation errors occurring when running more than one instance of Frame at the same time.
  • Some more functional improvements done to loading tabs.
Ver. 2.6.77 2015/10/06
  • Fixed picture too small on Beam and Cable input tabs.
Ver. 2.6.76 2015/10/05
  • Support dropdown extended to include Help Contents and list of revisions.
  • Some range check errors fixed.
  • Access violation error fixed.
  • Node Move function in Modeller now works in orthogonal view as well.
Ver. 2.6.75 2015/09/30
  • Corrected program disappearing on a style change.
  • Fixed range check error when using 'Add beams' function (64 bit).
  • Fixed redraw in 'Examples' tab.
  • Fixed bug reporting.
Ver. 2.6.74 2015/09/29
  • Added a second style and style select button.
  • Added examples to General Input tab as well.
  • Moved the Support tab functions to a dropdown next to the help button.
  • Corrected beam forces envelopes sometimes displaying incorrectly after second order analysis.
  • Corrected Node Move function in Modeller when set to orthogonal view.
Ver. 2.6.73 2015/09/02
  • Corrected program crashing on right-clicking in the picture areas.
Ver. 2.6.72 2015/09/01
  • Corrected mesh generator dialog not showing.
  • Corrected missing "Working folder" and other buttons on load and save file dialogs.
Ver. 2.6.71 2015/08/31
  • Corrected "Load Combinations" input tab and descriptions of other input tabs.
Ver. 2.6.70 2015/08/28
  • Corrected 'Access violation error' when pressing the Del key in the modeller.
  • Re-instated 'Animate' button for harmonic analysis forces and stresses.
Ver. 2.6.69 2015/08/26
  • Corrections to issues arising from new ribbon and style implementation.
Ver. 2.6.68 2015/08/17
  • First release with new ribbon and style format.
  • Corrected entry of shell poin and line loads in Modeller.
  • Shell point load position entry redefined with local X from first to second node and local Y perpendicular to this towards the third node.
  • This to ease and simplify entry of shell point loads.
Ver. 2.6.67 2015/07/23
  • Corrected X and Y shear envelopes for second order analysis. Left and right values were swapped in some cases where the node numbers did not increase in the one direction for the selected sequence of beam elements.
Ver. 2.6.66 2015/06/30
  • Added support for New Zealand concrete design code NZS 3101 - 2006.
  • Improved convergence for gap supports.
Ver. 2.6.65 2015/06/08
  • Added support for New Zealand Structural Design Actions NZ 1170.5 - 2004 for seismic analysis.
Ver. 2.6.64 2015/04/10
  • Adjusted penalty parameter in FGM shell element to avoid instabilities sometimes occurring.
Ver. 2.6.63 2015/03/18
  • Range check error fixed in Portal Frame wizard.
Ver. 2.6.62 2015/03/07
  • Corrected background colours sometimes showing incorrect colour (not the one chosen).
  • Further refinements to non-linear analysis.
  • Corrections to error messages regarding use of beam sections.
Ver. 2.6.61 2015/02/25
  • Corrected view plane function not working properly.
  • Corrected display of background colour not always working correctly.
  • Corrected visibility of shells, solids etc in standard graphics mode with translucent function on.
  • Refined non-linear analysis - accuracy and force calculation for vertical elements.
Ver. 2.6.60 2015/02/16
  • Added 'Translucent' option to graphics options.
  • Added facility to graphics options to change the background colour.
  • Corrected output of Wood & Armer moments and Reinforcement for shells for Harmonic analysis. Was based on absolute moment values but signs do influence Wood - Armer moments.
  • Corrected Non linear analysis for beam elements near Euler buckling loads.
Ver. 2.6.59 2015/01/19
  • Corrections to Harmonic Analysis beam forces output for ombinations. Corrections to envelopes for harmonic analysis.
Ver. 2.6.58 2014/12/01
  • Further refinements to buckling analysis of shells in particular.
  • Improved second-order analysis of shells to correlate with buckling analysis load factor predictions.
Ver. 2.6.57 2014/11/19
  • Improved buckling analysis; better convergence and accuracy.
Ver. 2.6.56 2014/11/07
  • Corrected notional horizontal loads sometimes not giving equilibrium.
  • Fixed units of modal mass in output file (dynamic analysis).
  • Fixed signs of participation factors (dynamic analysis).
Ver. 2.6.55 2014/10/24
  • Increased problem size capacities for harmonic analyses.
Ver. 2.6.54 2014/10/23
  • Corrected display of beam force diagrams where only certain groups are displayed.
Ver. 2.6.53 2014/10/22
  • Changes to input portion format of output file to correct problems with link to Strut/Combine steel member design modules.
Ver. 2.6.52 2014/10/17
  • Corrected gap supports for non-linear analysis.
Ver. 2.6.51 2014/10/01
  • Removed restrictions on rotated supports to have two directions or rotations fixed.
Ver. 2.6.50 2014/09/16
  • Added MKL solver for determination of mode shapes. Modal analysis completes about 5-6 times faster in 64-bit version.
  • Adjusted convergence criteria for buckling analysis to improve success of convergence.
  • Negative axial forces in beams now introduced into buckling analysis resulting in somewhat less conservative load factors.
Ver. 2.6.49 2014/09/08
  • Corrected problem with program hanging when called from Revit; curved beams regenerating into too many smaller beams.
Ver. 2.6.48 2014/09/05
  • Corrected second-order analysis not working properly in some load cases.
Ver. 2.6.47 2014/09/03
  • Further corrections to second-order moment and shear force diagrams.
  • Fixed problems with harmonic analysis when using more than 250 mode shapes.
  • Improved speed of modal/harmonic analyses.
Ver. 2.6.46 2014/08/28
  • Corrected sign of second-order end moment: Point load on beam, pinned at first node, fixed at second node.
Ver. 2.6.45 2014/08/20
  • Fixed tension only beam elements in second-order and non-linear analysis, showing compressive forces in output under certain conditions.
Ver. 2.6.44 2014/06/30
  • Corrected force diagrams and envelopes for beams: combinations of multiple harmonic load cases.
Ver. 2.6.43 2014/06/11
  • Corrected beam UDL input for elements with decreasing node numbers and group loads.
Ver. 2.6.42 2014/05/26
  • Corrected spring element stiffness matrix - moment transfer.
Ver. 2.6.41 2014/05/16
  • Sign error corrected for harmonic analysis phase angles.
Ver. 2.6.40 2014/05/15
  • Corrected equilibrium check message for pure temperature load case.
  • Corrections to harmonic load analysis.
Ver. 2.6.39 2014/05/05
  • Fixed Envelope diagrams for X-shear forces following a second-order analysis with very low axial forces present.
Ver. 2.6.38 2014/04/25
  • Range check error fixed when evaluating temperature stresses in FGM shell elements.
  • Corrected problem of program crashing on Windows XP.
Ver. 2.6.37 2014/04/08
  • Fixed bending moment diagram sometimes drawing incorrectly. Tabled values were correct.
Ver. 2.6.36 2014/03/31
  • Range check error fixed.
Ver. 2.6.35 2014/03/10
  • Corrected Shear and Moment diagram values offset for structures more than 40,000 elements.
Ver. 2.6.34 2014/03/05
  • Corrected drawing of Y-shear and X-moment diagrams - sometimes had undefined spikes.
Ver. 2.6.33 2014/03/05
  • Corrected drawing of partial UDLs - sometimes drawn as full UDLs.
Ver. 2.6.32 2014/03/03
  • Further enhancements to speed of plotting beam bending moment and shear diagrams.
Ver. 2.6.31 2014/02/19
  • Added new quadrilateral shell element based on an element for "Functionally Graded Materials" (FGM). The element has slightly improved accuracy and solves about 3% faster.
  • No point moments are required to enter UDL edge loads.
  • Improved speed of beam moment and shear diagrams.
  • Improved 3D rendering of beam element intersections.
  • Corrected harmonic reactions and deflections in output file for combinations.
  • Latest version of MKL solver incorporated.
Ver. 2.6.30 2014/01/31
  • Corrected erratic graphic import functions and wizards.
Ver. 2.6.29 2014/01/29
  • Corrected Import from Revit - did not process slabs on certain models.
  • Corrected printing from Calcsheets to low-resolution printers.
  • Corrected plotting of rotated supports reactions where supports were rotated through more than 90 degrees.
  • Added error message regarding rotated supports.
Ver. 2.6.28 2014/01/09
  • Corrected shell element contour values not showing in OpenGL graphics mode.
  • Corrected beam loads on splitting of beams.
Ver. 2.6.27 2014/01/07
  • Corrected Beam Envelopes display to consider 999 load cases plus load combinations (previously 99).
Ver. 2.6.26 2013/12/13
  • Fixed design links sometimes not working.
  • Added support for Save to Padds drawing from pictures in 64-bit version.
Ver. 2.6.24 2013/12/04
  • Fixed Design Links not working in 64-bit version.
  • Fixed saved views sometimes not working.
Ver. 2.6.23 2013/12/03
  • First release in 64-bit.
Ver. 2.6.22 2013/10/22
  • Corrected rotational inertia values in beam mass matrices - has a small influence on natural frequencies.
Ver. 2.6.21 2013/10/22
  • Refinements and corrections to harmonic analysis calculations.
  • Corrected plotting of bending moments resulting from triangular loads.
Ver. 2.6.20 2013/10/02
  • Added natural frequency table to "Send to Excel" function.
  • Range check error fixed when using "Mirror elements about work plane" function in modeller.
Ver. 2.6.19 2013/09/18
  • Added nodal point accelerations to "Send to Excel" function.
  • Refined definition of beam element verticality (relaxed tolerances) to account for differences in input methods.
Ver. 2.6.18 2013/09/11
  • Corrected reactions at rotated supports - came out in global instead of local axes.
Ver. 2.6.17 2013/09/09
  • Corrected printing from Calcsheets.
  • Changed cable mass matrix formulation from lumped masses to consistent mass.
  • Corrected beam mass matrix for imperial (English) units.
Ver. 2.6.16 2013/08/30
  • Corrected design link to Base Plate Design; the forces of the wrong end of column were used in certain situations.
Ver. 2.6.15 2013/08/23
  • Added scaling of headings in graphics according to font size setting in graphics options.
  • Corrected bending moment displays erroneously showing moments at pin ends using versions 2.6.13 and 2.6.14.
Ver. 2.6.14 2013/08/13
  • Added error check for orientation nodes out of range on shell elements.
  • Corrected spike in bending moment display diagrams that occasionally occurs using version 2.6.13.
  • Corrected force/moment values not showing at the bottom of envelope diagrams.
Ver. 2.6.13 2013/07/29
  • Non-linear analysis parameter added; ignore material non-linearity.
  • Fixed problem with spring elements and MKL solver; stiffness excluded if elements were numbered with high to low node numbers.
  • Small adjustments to buckling analysis involving shell elements.
Ver. 2.6.12 2013/07/01
  • Improved graphical input of springs elements.
  • Corrected reactions at gap supports connected only with spring elements.
  • Increased capacity of output file viewer; some large models gave memory errors.
  • Corrections to rotated support reactions; now given in local, not global axes.
Ver. 2.6.11 2013/06/06
  • Corrected second-order analysis beam envelope plots; displayed nothing if axial forces were zero.
  • Fixed invalid pointer error.
  • Fixed messaging in case of errors in analysis.
  • Corrected shell node numbering in harmonic analysis stress records in output file.
Ver. 2.6.10 2013/05/20
  • Improved function of "Abort Analysis" button.
  • Corrected display of deflection contours on shells.
Ver. 2.6.09 2013/05/08
  • Corrected display; showed thin lines on with some graphics cards.
  • Reduced memory footprint of harmonic analyses.
Ver. 2.6.08 2013/03/28
  • Solid finite elements self weight corrected: sometimes not added to empty load cases on first analysis.
  • Range check error fixed when importing certain models from Revit®.
Ver. 2.6.07 2013/03/15
  • Corrections to angular generation of elements on the modeller page.
Ver. 2.6.06 2013/03/13
  • Fixed occasional doubling up of loads transferred to concrete column design links.
Ver. 2.6.05 2013/02/27
  • Corrected spurious moment diagrams occurring for second-order analysis on very short beams.
  • Adjusted trussed frame wizard.
Ver. 2.6.04 2013/02/15
  • Corrected "Combine from files" function for latest file format.
Ver. 2.6.03 2013/02/11
  • Corrected Stream error when viewing deflections with "Load Combinations Only" selected.
Ver. 2.6.02 2013/02/04
  • Range check error fixed on display of harmonic analysis with load combinations only selected.
Ver. 2.6.01 2013/01/25
  • Corrected contribution of beam UDLs to mass in dynamic analyses.
Ver. 2.6.00 2012/12/05
  • Maintenance release.
  • Cosmetic improvements.
Ver. 2.5.53 2012/11/26
  • Corrections to compression reinforcement calculations.
  • Updated Intel Math Kernel library added (MKL Solver).
Ver. 2.5.52 2012/11/16
  • Diagrams for second-order shear corrected.
Ver. 2.5.51 2012/11/12
  • Updated Intel Math Kernel library added (MKL Solver).
  • Corrected doubling up of beam point loads if on end(s) of beams.
Ver. 2.5.50 2012/10/24
  • Range check error fixed when viewing force and moment graphic output.
Ver. 2.5.49 2012/10/22
  • Fixed problem with timed backups.
  • Improved speed of envelope plots.
Ver. 2.5.48 2012/10/17
  • Corrected problem when analysing UDLs on taper sections.
  • Fixed problem with underlay in modeller.
  • Fixed deflection tooltips for "load cases only" setting.
Ver. 2.5.47 2012/10/11
  • Range check error fixed when viewing harmonic analysis output.
Ver. 2.5.46 2012/10/05
  • Added partial UDLs for beam element ends.
  • Added individual rotational releases for beam element ends.
  • Bug fixed in portal truss wizard.
  • ACI318 - 2011 added to Concrete Design options.
  • Arrow scaling added.
Ver. 2.5.45 2012/06/26
  • Corrected shell buckling analysis that displayed the same values for different load cases.
Ver. 2.5.44 2012/04/02
  • Corrected angular move in Modeller.
  • Corrected Hemispherical shell wizard when set to cones.
  • Corrected Truss wizard if dead or live load equals zero.
  • Various small bugs fixed.
Ver. 2.5.43 2012/02/16
  • Refinements to non-linear analysis convergence criteria.
  • Corrected buckling modelling of shells at higher modes.
  • Corrected material non-linear analysis in beams if more than one section became plastic.
Ver. 2.5.42 2012/01/09
  • Fixed "range check error" problem occurring when "Save output with input" is selected.
  • Fixed problem with dynamics, model not full 3D and MKL solver giving out of plane displacement/mode shape components.
Ver. 2.5.41 2011/11/22
  • Attended to IOerror 103 problem.
Ver. 2.5.40 2011/11/16
  • Fixed problem with generation of .csv files for Excel when running Frame from command line.
Ver. 2.5.39 2011/11/15
  • Attended to IOerror 103 problem.
Ver. 2.5.38 2011/11/03
  • Corrected problem: Gap suppports combined with springs and using MKL solver.
  • Further adjustements to moment signs in harmonic analysis output file to accomodate combined stress design.
Ver. 2.5.37 2011/11/03
  • Corrected problem with timed backups blocking saves.
Ver. 2.5.36 2011/10/27
  • Adjustments to moment signs in output file for harmonic load cases to assist with combined stress design.
  • Scale factors in plotting of harmonic forces and moments improved.
  • Corrections to envelope plots of harmonic analysis bending moments.
  • Fixed Design Link to Apex Design.
Ver. 2.5.35 2011/10/12
  • Corrected trussed frame generator.
  • Corrected number of groups that can be specified to be viewed simultaneously.
  • Corrected dynamic parameters dialog if new load cases added before existing ones.
Ver. 2.5.34 2011/09/21
  • Corrected input of supports in Modeller to ignore nodes that are not visible.
  • Corrected design link behaviour to continuous beam.
  • Corrected calculation of cable forces of cable segments that change slope from positive to negative.
Ver. 2.5.33 2011/08/05
  • Fixed problem with import of .SNF file.
  • Fixed problem encountered when importing certain models from Revit®.
  • Corrected display of beam legends and nodes in full 3D for group selected display.
Ver. 2.5.32 2011/08/02
  • Corrected CIS/2 Import/Export.
Ver. 2.5.31 2011/07/22
  • Improved visibility of force/moment values on diagrams in OpenGL mode.
  • Fixed problem when saving output with input to locations where access is slow (e.g. over networks).
Ver. 2.5.30 2011/07/15
  • Corrected problem: unable to enter beams using the mouse.
Ver. 2.5.29 2011/07/13
  • Corrected deflections not shown for combinations for non-linear analysis and MKL solver.
  • Added warning message: prescribed displacements and non-linear analysis.
  • Corrected deflections: second-order analysis with MKL solver - deflections reported for combinations were for ULS instead of SLS.
Ver. 2.5.28 2011/07/01
  • Fixed direction indicator lines on shell stress and moment diagrams for load combinations.
  • Saving routines made more robust to reduce possible conflicts when saving/backing up files.
Ver. 2.5.27 2011/06/17
  • Fixed error message encountered when using Design Links and Input Wizards.
Ver. 2.5.26 2011/06/14
  • Corrected point loads on beams for group load option.
  • Improved analysis speed by removing unnecessary post-processing calculations for second-order and non-linear solutions.
  • Improvements to saving of backup files.
Ver. 2.5.25 2011/05/27
  • Added MKL solver for non-linear materials.
Ver. 2.5.24 2011/05/16
  • Fixed problem with beta (beam rotation) angle when splitting beams.
  • Fixed issues with cut and paste in grids and output editor.
  • Fixed display problems with output editor.
  • Added Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) solver (improved analysis speed for larger models).
Ver. 2.5.23 2011/05/03
  • Corrected unreadable error displayed by Mesh Generator whenever generating a finite element mesh.
Ver. 2.5.22 2011/04/13
  • Effective mass headings corrected. Range check error fixed.
  • Corrected notional loads applied to supports.
  • Improved axial stiffness formulation for tapered beams.
  • Increased number of beams for envelopes to 100.
Ver. 2.5.21 2011/03/08
  • Colours of shell elements corrected.
Ver. 2.5.20 2011/02/24
  • Further corrections to design link to Base Plate Design not addressed in version 2.5.19.
Ver. 2.5.19 2011/02/23
  • Design link to Base Plate Design corrected; design forces from incorrect node sometimes used.
Ver. 2.5.18 2011/02/09
  • Deflection output alignment for Harmonic Analysis corrected.
Ver. 2.5.17 2011/02/02
  • Link to Excel corrected.
  • Load case descriptions in design links to Rectangular and Circular Column Design modules improved.
Ver. 2.5.16 2011/01/25
  • Error message added for supports on unconnected nodes.
  • Improved design link to concrete base design.
Ver. 2.5.15 2011/01/17
  • Output file adapted to allow for six-digit node numbers (up to 999999).
Ver. 2.5.14 2011/01/14
  • Node number lengths for high node numbers in output file adjusted to make them readable by design modules.
Ver. 2.5.13 2011/01/13
  • Recalculation of principal stresses in shell element centres added for better accuracy and correct angles.
  • Demo mode extended to full 3D.
Ver. 2.5.12 2010/12/01
  • Button to plot stress strain curves removed. Use "Material database" button to access this instead.
  • Earthquake forces modified to exclude mass effects at supports - gives slightly lower force results.
  • Adjustments to prevent read error of $temp.A03 file.
Ver. 2.5.11 2010/11/19
  • Correction do design links to steel connections - sometimes moments/forces at opposite end of connecting beam were transferred.
  • Fixed problem when selecting bases in design links with view planes on.
Ver. 2.5.10 2010/10/26
  • Improvements to import from Revit® Structure.
Ver. 2.5.09 2010/10/22
  • Mesh generator: if specified, supports on beam and wall lines were not included.
  • Fixed problem with saving of timed backup files.
Ver. 2.5.08 2010/10/05
  • Corrected phase angle calculations for Harmonic analysis combinations combining load cases with the same frequencies.
Ver. 2.5.07 2010/09/15
  • Corrected link to Steel Beam Column design for second-order analysis.
Ver. 2.5.06 2010/09/13
  • Corrected link to Concrete Base design for second-order analysis.
Ver. 2.5.05 2010/09/09
  • Fixed out of memory problem.
  • Fixed analysis status that reset on certain Design Links.
  • Fixed problem with shell edge loads and double precision setting.
Ver. 2.5.04 2010/08/27
  • Fixed problems with importing of old FESD (.C03) files.
  • Fixed problem with 3D shell deflection contour plots.
Ver. 2.5.03 2010/07/28
  • Fixed column and base selection for Design Links when using standard graphics engine.
  • Fixed picking of supports on supports page when rotated supports are defined.
  • Fixed solver problem with tension only elements.
Ver. 2.5.02 2010/07/22
  • Corrected problem with deletion of rotated supports.
Ver. 2.5.01 2010/07/13
  • Corrections to multiple selections of columns and bases in Design Links.
  • Corrected buckling analysis for shells and multiple load cases.
Ver. 2.5.00 2010/07/05
  • New Release.
  • Added ability to select multiple columns and bases in Design Links page.
Ver. 2.4.77 2010/06/04
  • Error message added for node numbers greater than 1,000,000.
  • Venim mesher error fixed - now bypasses zero sized columns.
Ver. 2.4.76 2010/05/13
  • Range check error fixed - related to drawing complex custom sections.
Ver. 2.4.75 2010/04/30
  • Corrected moving of underlay in modeller.
  • Correction in shell smoothing routine (small effect).
Ver. 2.4.74 2010/04/16
  • Corrections to beam moment envelopes with element point loads and second-order analysis.
  • Clarified descriptions on cable splitting dialog.
  • Range check error fixed when importing DXF file.
Ver. 2.4.73 2010/03/26
  • Corrections to Venim mesher.
  • Splitting of beams loads at intersections corrected.
  • Corrected transfer of ULS reactions to Excel.
Ver. 2.4.72 2010/03/17
  • Display of rebar envelope load case corrected.
Ver. 2.4.71 2010/03/16
  • Display of rebar envelope load case corrected.
  • Splitting of beams at intersections corrected.
Ver. 2.4.70 2010/02/23
  • Further corrections/refinements to import of line loads from Revit®.
  • Refinement of second-order./non-linear analyses relating to gap supports to allow repeated opening/closing of gaps.
Ver. 2.4.69 2010/01/25
  • Relaxed tolerances for reading line loads on slabs from Revit®.
Ver. 2.4.68 2010/01/18
  • Corrected cutting of columns through slabs for models imported from Revit® Structure.
Ver. 2.4.67 2010/01/15
  • Further corrections to line load input on shells in modeller.
  • Delete shell loads can now be split for point, area and edge loads.
Ver. 2.4.66 2010/01/13
  • Corrections to line load input on shells in modeller.
  • Some range check errors fixed.
Ver. 2.4.65 2009/12/11
  • Split SANS and Eurocode for earthqauke analysis spectrum specification.
  • Bending moment diagrams adjusted to show moments at beam ends where it is maximum.
  • Adjustments to import of unmeshed slabs for Tekla model import.
  • Fixed concave shell error message for warped shells.
Ver. 2.4.64 2009/11/10
  • Correction to slabs imported from Revit® that have an edge on the x=0 line.
  • Further adjustments made to resolve problem of Frame sometimes hanging on startup.
Ver. 2.4.63 2009/11/03
  • Corrected Steel mass table if tension only members are used.
  • Adjustments made to resolve problem of Frame sometimes hanging on startup.
Ver. 2.4.62 2009/10/06
  • Various minor bug fixes.
Ver. 2.4.61 2009/09/14
  • Fixed split beams at intersections function.
  • Zoom window box re-introduced in OpenL graphics mode.
  • Some range check errors fixed.
Ver. 2.4.60 2009/08/24
  • Fixed problems with import of beam loads from Revit®.
  • Fixed adding of line loads on walls in modeller.
  • Added own weight of structure output for dynamic analysis - includes loads included as mass.
Ver. 2.4.59 2009/08/06
  • Improvements to venim mesher.
  • Corrected access violation errors when importing models from Revit® with multiple curved edges.
Ver. 2.4.58 2009/08/03
  • Corrected import of area loading from Revit® Structure - was sometimes introduced more than once.
  • Access violation errors fixed.
  • Adbeams function in modeller improved - clearer u.
Ver. 2.4.57 2009/07/17
  • Fixed problem with behaviour factor not showing with SABS code (seismic).
  • Fixed beam transfer to Excel after seismic analysis.
Ver. 2.4.56 2009/07/17
  • Indian code: soil type input in seismic analysis exposed.
  • Adjustments to command line mode.
  • Fixed mirror function in modeller.
  • Fixed problem with "NAN" numbers in Design Link to Base.
Ver. 2.4.55 2009/06/25
  • Corrected beam loads entered with descending node numbers.
  • Updated venim mesher.
  • Fixed save problem when curved slabs were imported from Revit®.
  • Improved graphics for unmeshed slabs.
Ver. 2.4.54 2009/06/23
  • Added 3D visualization of openings in custom sections.
  • Fixed bitmap load error.
Ver. 2.4.53 2009/05/27
  • Fixed range check error when importing Strucad (.snf) files.
Ver. 2.4.52 2009/05/25
  • Fixed problems in link from Revit® structure to venim mesher.
  • Fixed problems in venim mesher relating to arcs with tiny bulges.
Ver. 2.4.51 2009/05/14
  • Range check error fixed when importing Revit® models.
Ver. 2.4.50 2009/05/14
  • Improved capacity of output data transfer to Excel.
  • Improved Design Link to base - column size also transferred.
  • Corrected issues of slab positions when importing Revit® Structure models.
Ver. 2.4.49 2009/04/28
  • Fixed modelling of wall openings coming from Revit® Structure.
Ver. 2.4.48 2009/04/28
  • Fixed duplication of point loads added to shells in modeller - occured if point load fell on a node.
  • Improved non-linear iteration for catenary cable elements.
Ver. 2.4.47 2009/04/03
  • Beam load input with group loading on and point loads that fell on nodes - point loads doubled up - corrected.
  • Link to Base Plate module adapted to allow circular columns as well.
Ver. 2.4.46 2009/03/25
  • Fixed problem with non-linear analysis not converging on some Windows XP computers.
Ver. 2.4.45 2009/03/20
  • Fixed problem with group numbers when moving beams in modeller.
  • Shell Element point loads listed in input portion of output file.
  • Some range check errors fixed.
Ver. 2.4.44 2009/02/25
  • Corrected message reporting concave shell elements.
  • Corrected graphics when changing from full to sliced view and back.
Ver. 2.4.43 2009/02/13
  • Corrected dispacement output in output file.
Ver. 2.4.42 2009/02/12
  • Update to Venim mesher.
  • Improved equilibrium message.
Ver. 2.4.41 2009/02/04
  • Move elements function in modeller corrected i.t.o. supports and nodal loads.
  • Removed displacement output for undefined nodes.
Ver. 2.4.40 2009/01/28
  • Supports issues fixed.
Ver. 2.4.39 2009/01/27
  • Improvements to imports from Revit® Structure.
  • Range check error fixed.
Ver. 2.4.38 2009/01/15
  • Importing of Arced slab sides from Revit® improved.
Ver. 2.4.37 2009/01/12
  • Added button to split concave shells.
  • Fixed "offset beam with rigid links" function.
Ver. 2.4.36 2008/12/18
  • Improvements to model import from Revit®.
Ver. 2.4.35 2008/12/17
  • Corrected listing of nodal coordinates in output file.
Ver. 2.4.34 2008/12/15
  • Node number optimization removed for double precision analysis.
  • Fixed problem with some load cases not showing on nodal loads page.
Ver. 2.4.33 2008/12/12
  • Added display of unmeshed slabs.
  • Added button for meshing unmeshed slabs.
  • Fixed range check errors.
  • Improved import of structures from Revit®.
Ver. 2.4.32 2008/12/03
  • Fixed positioning of workplane in modeller.
  • Fixed importation of slabs from Revit® which sometimes came in as negative (openings).
  • Corrected "Save output with input" option.
  • Scrollbars on very long input grids fixed.
  • Range check errors fixed.
Ver. 2.4.31 2008/11/27
  • Corrected gap signs for spring elements.
  • Fixed indication of element forces which did not work unless the output file was viewed first.
  • Refinements to Venim Mesher.
  • Moved opening of older Frame/Fesd files to "Import".
Ver. 2.4.30 2008/11/24
  • Print direct from Calcsheets fixed.
  • Printing of frame picture when in orthogonal projection fixed.
  • Updated venim mesher.
  • Improved saving of backup files.
  • Improvements to handle large problems.
Ver. 2.4.29 2008/11/11
  • Importing of DXF files improved.
  • Added filtering of element forces, stresses and moments from output file to calc sheets.
  • Corrections to modeller functions.
  • Relaxed tolerances for vertical shells so that stress diagrams are consistent.
  • Fixed element weight table for taper sections.
Ver. 2.4.28 2008/11/03
  • Refinements to models imported from Revit®.
  • Notional loads fixed.
  • Range check errors fixed.
Ver. 2.4.27 2008/10/20
  • Venim mesher update.
  • Views destroyed by renumbering model fixed.
  • Other less significant bug fixes.
  • Corrections to moment and stress transfers to Excel.
Ver. 2.4.26 2008/10/02
  • Corrected error message occuring if set in extended precision mode for linear analysis.
Ver. 2.4.25 2008/10/01
  • Memory allocation improved to enable larger harmonic analysis problems.
Ver. 2.4.24 2008/09/29
  • Capacity of file streams increased.
Ver. 2.4.23 2008/09/25
  • Improvements to mesher routines.
  • Corrections to vertical acceleration options added in version 2.4.22.
  • Improvements to modeller and graphical input.
  • Storing of template file used in modeller added.
  • Enabled recording of animation with OpenGL graphics.
Ver. 2.4.22 2008/08/30
  • Added X-,Y- and Z-acceleration option for own weight load case.
Ver. 2.4.21 2008/08/19
  • Corrected rotated supports.
Ver. 2.4.20 2008/08/12
  • Improved Venim mesher & link to Revit® Structure.
Ver. 2.4.19 2008/08/01
  • Adjusted import of area, line and point loads from Revit® to accomodate slab thickness.
Ver. 2.4.18 2008/07/29
  • Improved import of beams from Revit®.
  • Added function to compress node numbers.
Ver. 2.4.17 2008/07/23
  • Import from Revit® - corrected problem with Frame note responding.
Ver. 2.4.16 2008/07/23
  • Corrected signs of moments in vertical shells.
  • Corrected display on startup.
  • Fixed vertical offset of beams introduced from Revit® Structure if no slabs present.
  • Latest version of Venim mesher included.
  • Corrected graphical input of beams in modeller:sometimes incorrect section type inserted.
  • Corrected importation of upstand beams from Revit® Structure 2009.
  • Corrected shell loads when duplicating or combining structures from file.
Ver. 2.4.15 2008/07/15
  • Fixed Help, Contents.
  • Saving of ductility parameter for Earthquake analysis added.
  • Fixed adding of colums with gaps in modeller.
Ver. 2.4.14 2008/07/08
  • Features added to modeller.
  • Range check error fixed.
Ver. 2.4.13 2008/06/27
  • Dxf import adjusted to link layer no. to group number in Frame.
  • Added "/A" command line parameter option.
  • Fixed group shell split function.
  • Add Shells function changed to use current view plane if selected befor Add Shells function was called.
Ver. 2.4.12 2008/06/13
  • Fixed problem with Design Link to Continuous beam module.
  • Fixed problem with link from Revit® Structure: sloped slabs.
Ver. 2.4.11 2008/06/10
  • Corrected Truss wizard - generation of loads for fink trusses.
  • Calculations using own weight in X and Z directions for beams corrected.
  • Improvements to plate mesher.
Ver. 2.4.10 2008/06/06
  • Added own weight accelerations in X,Y and Z directions.
  • Improved Venim mesher library.
  • Adjustments to solid elements; point moments not allowed on solids.
Ver. 2.4.09 2008/05/21
  • Enhancements relating to link to Revit® Structure 2009.
Ver. 2.4.08 2008/05/06
  • Corrected memory accumulation problem when doing second-order analysis in extended precision mode.
Ver. 2.4.07 2008/04/14
  • Corrected problem with convergence for second-order and non-linear analysis.
Ver. 2.4.06 2008/04/10
  • Convergence improved for buckling and modal analysis.
  • Mesh error output improved.
Ver. 2.4.05 2008/04/09
  • Fixed stream 7 error.
  • Fixed inicate node function in modeller workplane dialog.
  • Fixed block indication in standard graphics mode.
Ver. 2.4.04 2008/04/08
  • Corrected group fix entry for beams with less than 4 nodes specified.
Ver. 2.4.03 2008/04/03
  • Design Link to Combine fixed.
Ver. 2.4.02 2008/04/02
  • Prokon dwg engine for file exchange implemented.
Ver. 2.4.01 2008/04/01
  • Fixed display of scrollbar values on graphs.
  • Added Contour Envelope adjustment capability.
Ver. 2.4.00 2008/03/25
  • Maintenance release.
Ver. 2.3.33 2008/02/19
  • Corrected import of point loads from Fesd (.C03) files.
  • Added function to modeller to add line loads to slabs.
  • Fixed Design Link to Base module for earthquake analysis.
Ver. 2.3.32 2008/01/25
  • Increased number of load cases and combinations to 200 each.
  • Range check errors fixed.
  • Corrected scaling problem when sending graphics to Calcsheets (OpenGL).
Ver. 2.3.31 2008/01/08
  • Corrections to von Mises stresses in shells and solids.
Ver. 2.3.30 2007/12/12
  • Added CQC method in earthquake analysis.
  • Corrected beam envelopes with triangular loading - moment diagrams sometimes not correct.
  • Improved link to Revit® - handling of slightly curved beams.
Ver. 2.3.29 2007/11/30
  • Fixed problem with natural frequency calculation of structures with just a few nodes.
  • Added Venim meshing library to mesh generator.
  • Design Links for Cleat, Finplate and Endplate modules implemented.
  • Small bug fixes.
Ver. 2.3.28 2007/11/09
  • Enhancements to modeller.
  • Fixed access violation error: Harmonic analysis with save output option on.
  • Output file viewer retains position after tab switches.
Ver. 2.3.27 2007/11/05
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Fixed truss type dropdown list for Trussed Frame wizard.
Ver. 2.3.26 2007/10/30
  • Corrected rotated supports that are generated - rotation was not always correct for generated supports.
  • Added loads to generation of elements in modeller.
Ver. 2.3.25 2007/10/22
  • Added meshing error estimation for shell elements.
  • Improvements to processing of Revit® Structure link files.
  • Indication for isolated parts of structure added.
  • Portal and Trussed Frame generators - building length corrected for wind pressure calculation.
  • Message added warning of reactions with opposing sign to gap supports.
Ver. 2.3.24 2007/10/12
  • Corrected spring element stiffness.
Ver. 2.3.23 2007/09/20
  • Corrected combining function of more than one file.
Ver. 2.3.22 2007/09/14
  • Added ability to import FESD (.C03) files.
  • Improvements to graphics.
  • Improvements to processing of Revit® Structure link files.
  • Added 3D dimensioning.
Ver. 2.3.21 2007/08/17
  • Corrected moment signs transferrred by Apex Design Link.
  • Icons added for custom grid lines in modeller.
  • Own weight of solid elements corrected for extended precision mode.
  • Corrected block generation of supports function.
  • Corrected loading on "I2", "H2" etc type beams for second-order analysis.
Ver. 2.3.20 2007/08/03
  • Printing / pictures to Calcsheets in OpenGL mode improved.
  • Delete button added to materials dialog.
  • Splitting beams per area functionality added.
  • Corrected 3D display of saved sections.
  • Added output of ULS and SLS reactions to Excel.
Ver. 2.3.19 2007/07/27
  • Improved speed of envelopes and force diagrams.
  • Corrected transfer of forces to Base Plate module.
  • Corrected CIS/2 import & export functions.
Ver. 2.3.18 2007/07/24
  • Fixed problems relating to Standard/OpenGL graphics interfaces.
Ver. 2.3.17 2007/07/19
  • Fixed problem: selecting beams with the mouse in standard graphics.
  • Storing detailed section properties and geometry in output file.
Ver. 2.3.16 2007/07/16
  • Fixed access violation error - occurs with more than 100 section types in model.
Ver. 2.3.15 2007/07/13
  • Added point loads on shells.
  • Moved modeller tab.
  • Enhanced modeller functions.
  • Corrected Shell Vmax values for linear analysis combinations (were somewhat overestimated).
Ver. 2.3.14 2007/06/18
  • Corrected initial settings for shell stress contours.
  • Corrected wizard display missing on startup.
Ver. 2.3.13 2007/06/15
  • Added rotated supports.
  • Corrected 3D display of sections designated as I2, H2, C2, D2, R2.
  • Corrected sign of beta angle in output file (sometimes swapped around).
  • Corrected display of envelopes after returningto input.
Ver. 2.3.12 2007/05/30
  • Corrected problem in harmonic analysis where extra redundant nodes were generated.
Ver. 2.3.11 2007/05/17
  • Addressed problems occurring with OpenGL graphics mode.
Ver. 2.3.10 2007/05/16
  • Divide by zero error fixed.
Ver. 2.3.09 2007/05/15
  • Access violation error fixed.
Ver. 2.3.08 2007/05/11
  • Improvements to OpenGL modelling.
  • Corrected rotational stiffness of spring elements.
Ver. 2.3.07 2007/04/30
  • Reduced minimum tolerance for second-order to 0.001%.
Ver. 2.3.06 2007/04/26
  • Refined add beam function in modeller.
  • Fixed problems with move node function - only works in OpenGL mode.
  • 2007 Amendments to HK concrete code implemented.
  • Reduced OpenGL driver requirements to version 1.1.
  • Added error check for loose supports (can give problems with double precision solver).
  • Corrected shell local axes - sometimes not orientated as specified in vertical planes.
Ver. 2.3.05 2007/04/12
  • Various enhancements to modeller.
  • Refinements to OpenGL graphics.
Ver. 2.3.04 2007/03/22
  • Splitting shells function now also supports edge loads.
  • Shell mesher input presentation streamlined.
Ver. 2.3.03 2007/03/19
  • Increased capacity of data streams to avoid integer overflow problems on large structures.
  • Fixed OpenGL warning message.
Ver. 2.3.02 2007/03/16
  • Built in check for OpenGL version before using OpenGL graphics.
  • Fixed Access violation and range check errors related to OpenGL.
Ver. 2.3.01 2007/03/15
  • Graphics editor merged with modeller.
  • Enhancements to OpenGL graphics.
Ver. 2.3.00 2007/03/12
  • Fixed range check error in error checking module.
  • Improvements to shell mesher: scaling introduced.
  • Group addition of supports facility added.
  • OpenGL facility added to graphics (faster).
  • Splitting of shells added.
Ver. 2.2.40 2007/02/27
  • Fixed harmonic analysis.
  • Fixed signs of forces being transferred to base plate and column programs through Design Links.
  • Improvements to shell mesher.
Ver. 2.2.39 2007/02/02
  • Fixed von Mises stresses - slightly too low in some regions.
  • Adding shells: can now pick individual nodes to define the shell.
  • Added ACI318 - 2005 concrete code to concrete design module.
Ver. 2.2.38 2007/01/19
  • Fixed problem: spring elements with loose orientation nodes.
  • Further improvements to shell mesher.
Ver. 2.2.37 2006/12/15
  • Display problem fixed - modal analysis with no load cases.
  • Can now change stress contours from smoothed to unsmoothed withour re- analysing.
  • Improvements to shell meshing.
  • Added column input to shell mesher.
  • Fixed contour display on shells for buckling analysis - sometimes not active.
  • Fixed block delete nodes - missed nodes on repetition..
  • Fixed reactions of spring elements on supports - sometimes the sign was incorrect.
  • Fixed load case dropdown on output display pages - did not work properly for seismic analysis.
Ver. 2.2.36 2006/12/01
  • Enhancements to mesher: columns added.
Ver. 2.2.35 2006/11/23
  • Corrected Design Link to continuous beam - beams sometimes incomplete.
  • Corrected beam input generation for descending node numbers.
  • Fixed moment direction indicator lines for vertical shells.
Ver. 2.2.34 2006/11/10
  • Fixed access violation error occurring with dynamic and buckling analyses.
  • Corrected building frame wizard side columns.
Ver. 2.2.33 2006/10/25
  • Shell reinforcement countours for envelope did not plot after second-order or nonlinear analysis - fixed.
  • Fixed cable forces and reactions after linear analysis.
  • Shell local axes plot for vertical shells fixed.
  • Fixed direction of "L" loads on shells - was not always as per the help file (worked as indicated graphically).
Ver. 2.2.32 2006/10/19
  • Improved timed backups - 3 files of different ages now stored.
  • Improved shell mesher.
  • Fixed shell shear forces output. (came out as 0).
Ver. 2.2.31 2006/10/13
  • Added contours of deflections.
  • Fixed saving of user defined spectra for earthquake analysis.
  • Improvements to accuracy cable elements.
Ver. 2.2.30 2006/10/02
  • Fixed split cable function - only worked properly on global X-axis.
  • Fixed cable analysis - Program hung when set to double precision.
  • Added tolerances for dynamic and buckling analyses.
  • Further refinements to shell buckling analysis.
Ver. 2.2.29 2006/09/21
  • Amended geometric stiffness formulation for shells - Load factors were too low in certain cases.
  • ULS load factor input in dynamic parameters dialog shown only if earthquake analysis is selected.
Ver. 2.2.28 2006/09/06
  • Fixed "Load cases added as mass" table for harmonic analysis - did not list load case names.
Ver. 2.2.27 2006/08/31
  • Fixed range check errors.
  • Improved handling of load cases and own weight in earthquake analysis.
  • Added SANS10160/Eurocode 8 spectra for earthquake analysis.
Ver. 2.2.26 2006/08/15
  • Fixed problem with plastic hinges in beams - structure did not form mechanism despite hinges.
  • Fixed problem with rigid shell input - could not undo change to rigid shell.
  • Improved convergence criteria for second-order analysis.
Ver. 2.2.25 2006/08/11
  • Design Link to Continuous beam can now pick up curved beams.
  • Problem fixed with splitting beams at intersections which sometimes hanged.
  • Memory management improved.
Ver. 2.2.24 2006/08/07
  • Added links to new wind calculation module in portal and truss wizards.
  • Added reinforrcement envelope for shell elements.
  • Fixed bug with adding lumped masses for modal analysis,
  • Fixed bug when exporting haunched sections to .SNF files.
Ver. 2.2.23 2006/07/28
  • Fixed some "Range check" errors.
  • Fixed shell buckling - buckling factors were to low.
  • Fixed integer overflow problem - ocurred with large structures and buckling analysis.
  • Added load direction "K" to beam loads - in local "x" direction.
  • Changed local axes colours to x:red, y:blue and z:green.
  • Fixed bug in DXF import function - allocation of beam properties to line colours.
Ver. 2.2.22 2006/07/14
  • Problem with plotting some beam envelopes fixed.
Ver. 2.2.21 2006/07/04
  • Fixed problem where program hangs during harmonic analysis.
Ver. 2.2.20 2006/06/30
  • Fixed bug in view by group number dialog where not all groups were shown.
Ver. 2.2.19 2006/06/26
  • Beam legend numbers did not show if there were more than 100 beams.
  • Added view plane genrator in list of input wizards.
Ver. 2.2.18 2006/06/23
  • Fixed 'Cannot focus a disable or invisible window' error.
  • Orbit command added to 3D pictures.
  • Added weights of beam element groups in statistical output.
Ver. 2.2.17 2006/06/14
  • Fixed Access violation error - occurred for second-order, Extended precision with cables present.
Ver. 2.2.16 2006/05/25
  • Range check error fixed - occured occasionally when using shell elements.
Ver. 2.2.15 2006/05/24
  • Combine structures from file option fixed.
  • Enhanced mesh generator.
Ver. 2.2.14 2006/05/10
  • "L" loads on vertical elements - load sums incorrect in some cases giving "equilibrium check" error.
  • Calculated reactions were correct in all case.
Ver. 2.2.13 2006/05/08
  • Corrected display of local axes for shell elements - x-axis did not follow RH rule.
Ver. 2.2.12 2006/04/12
  • Fixed problem of failure to converge when plastic hinges form.
  • Improved aesthetics of envelope displays.
  • Increased number of positions captured on envelopes using copy function.
Ver. 2.2.11 2006/03/27
  • Option added to do shell and solid stress smoothing by group number only.
Ver. 2.2.10 2006/03/24
  • Fixed problem reading from streams when saving a buckling analysis.
  • Fixed problem with load sums in load combinations when using cable elements.
  • Fixed problem with cable input data not being cleared when reading older file.
  • Sum of loads sign for beam 'L' loads incorrect for some cases giving erroneous equilibrium check message.o.
  • Access violation error fixed in cable error checking routine.
  • Adjusted deletion & addition of shells - shell loads should not be affected anymore.
  • Improved DXF import to handle large numbers of polylines.
Ver. 2.2.09 2006/03/03
  • Fixed twisted beam example - interpretation of block and arc generations.
  • Fixed problem with analysis if show local axes on.
  • Modeller linear generation defaulted to local axes - fixed.
Ver. 2.2.08 2006/02/27
  • CIS 2 import improved.
  • CIS 2 export added.
  • Corrected problem: with load combinations only set: hints showing deflections changed after a timed backup.
  • Enhancements to mesh generator.
  • Shell stress smoothing routines improved (a lot faster).
  • Fixed access violation error in beam envelopes.
Ver. 2.2.07 2006/02/14
  • Corrected problem : double precision solver and section names with blank spaces.
Ver. 2.2.06 2006/02/06
  • Fixed problem with section names with blank spaces.
  • Fixed error in sum of loads at equilibrium check - occurred if beam element was supported on both sides with an UDL on it.
Ver. 2.2.05 2006/01/31
  • Fixed problem where second-order analysis stopped too soon in some cases.
Ver. 2.2.04 2006/01/31
  • Fixed error with UDLs on rigid links and double precision solver.
  • Fixed sum of loads calculation in equilibrium check in case of 'L' load on vertical beams.
  • Fixed problem where second-order analysis stopped after second iteration.
Ver. 2.2.03 2006/01/11
  • Edge defined slabs added.
Ver. 2.2.02 2006/01/06
  • Fixed problem where program asks for lib21.
Ver. 2.2.01 2006/01/04
  • Corrected calculation of hollow section properties when evaluating plasticity in non-linear analysis.
Ver. 2.2.00 2005/12/15
  • Version 2.2 released.
Ver. 2.1.45 2005/12/07
  • Reactions due to own weight corrected. Own weight for beams if both ends supported was not added.
Ver. 2.1.44 2005/12/06
  • Link to Hollow Section Connection did not support SHC section.
  • File New set units back to default.
Ver. 2.1.43 2005/12/05
  • Problem with multiple beam loads on same beam fixed (occurred only in version 2.1.42).
Ver. 2.1.42 2005/12/02
  • Problem with gaps on spring supports fixed - occured if set on double precision solver.
Ver. 2.1.41 2005/11/30
  • Notional horizontal load option added.
Ver. 2.1.40 1970/01/01
  • Maintenance release.
Ver. 2.1.39 2005/11/18
  • Added function to delete duplicate beams on beam input tab.
Ver. 2.1.38 2005/11/16
  • Catenary cable elements added.
  • Fixed problem with some non-linear analyses not converging with double precision solver.
  • Beam sections marked as tension only remained tension only if tick removed in input field.
  • Mirror function - adjusted so that beams/shells are not duplicated on mirror plane.
  • Gaps in spring elements: adjusted so that they open up in the positve directions of the local axes.
  • Buttons for selecting unselecting elements added on mdeller page.
Ver. 2.1.37 2005/10/31
  • Group delete of beam loads corrected.
  • Access violation error fixed - buckling analysis.
Ver. 2.1.36 2005/10/27
  • Added drawing of local axes for beams, solids and springs.
  • Added mirror function on modeller page.
  • Added 'show elements'tickbox to nodes input page.
  • Fixed problem: adding/deleting beams & beam loads graphically if only certain groups of beams displayed.
  • Fixed 'Add own weight to load case' window greying out.
  • Fixed changing shell group numbers on modeller page.
Ver. 2.1.35 2005/10/21
  • Higer order terms for geometric stiffness matrix used in non-linear analysis corrected.
  • Range check error fixed - sometimes occurred when calculating spring forces.
  • When sending output to Excel - only output selected for Calcsheets transferred.
  • Fixed error that occurred when loading a file with output saved in a directory other than the working folder.
  • Problem with Design Link to Strut & Com fixed.
Ver. 2.1.34 2005/10/19
  • Saving of output implemented - can be imported without re- analysing.
  • Fixed range check error in mesh generator.
  • Added gaps to supports.
  • Added save and retrieve of default settings to graphics options dialog.
  • Added restore defaults options to RC frame wizard.
  • Elements generated by RC frame wizard given group numbers corresponding to the floor level.
  • Extended size of DXF/DWG file that can be imported.
  • Certain graphics input buttons disabled if node points not drawn (as set in graphics options dialog).
  • Main axes drawn in colour.
  • Smoothing of shell and solid stresses by group number added.
  • Added gap feature to spring elements.
  • Fixed problem with Design Link to concrete columns - bot and top moments swapped around.
  • Fixed problem with deflection tooltip changing after saving file (load combinations only analysis).
  • User can now specify local element axes for shells and display local axes.
  • Graphics options icons added in status bar.
  • Hints can now be displayed in the status bar.
  • Add tension only tickbox in beam sections input table.
Ver. 2.1.33 2005/09/23
  • Access violation error fixed. Ocurred after reloading the last previously analysed example.
  • Shell element shear deformation refined - affects shear and moments in thick shells.
Ver. 2.1.32 2005/09/16
  • Group numbers added to element input.
  • Group number options added to graphics options and change element graphics options.
  • Problem with rotated elements (beta <>0) fixed when using double precision solver.
Ver. 2.1.31 2005/08/19
  • Vdpro5 added.
Ver. 2.1.30 2005/06/13
  • Fixed problem with new solver: reportd self weight at end of output file was sometimes incorrect for second-order analysis (analysis results were not affected).
  • Fixed problem with new solver: if prescribed displacements were specified, load combinations accumulated the effect for linear analysis.
Ver. 2.1.29 2005/05/31
  • DXF/DWG drawing import fixed.
Ver. 2.1.28 2005/05/31
  • Access violation sometimes occurred during resizing of input tables - fixed.
  • Tensile reinforcement corrected for Australian code.
Ver. 2.1.27 2005/05/24
  • Autosave graphics option switched off as default.
  • Improved re-drawing of picture.
  • Access violation error fixed which sometimes occurs in beam loads inut table.
  • Shell edge loads fixed when used with fast solver.
Ver. 2.1.26 2005/05/10
  • Refinements to .SNF export files.
  • Frame will read data from Sections.dat file in working directory.
Ver. 2.1.25 2005/05/04
  • When using the new solver, own weight for solids was not correctly added up in the 'Equilibrium check'. Results were correct.
Ver. 2.1.24 2005/04/22
  • second-order Analysis: Y-moments in envelopes corrected.
Ver. 2.1.23 2005/04/21
  • Strucad Import & Export facilities added.
Ver. 2.1.22 2005/04/06
  • Problem with 'defaults.mtl' file fixed.
  • Problems with link to Continuous beam fixed.
  • Range check error when inspecting solids stresses fixed.
Ver. 2.1.21 2005/04/04
  • Drawing of tapered sections in full 3D mode corrected.
  • New solver made the default solver.
Ver. 2.1.20 2005/03/22
  • Counting of concurrent users refined.
Ver. 2.1.19 2005/03/14
  • Access violation fixed - occurred when accessing calcsheet header.
  • Rigid link stiffnesses fixed when using new solver.
Ver. 2.1.18 2005/03/01
  • Problem with reactions & new solver fixed in Plane Frame or Grillage mode.
Ver. 2.1.17 2005/02/24
  • Problem with springed supports & new solver in Plane Frame or Grillage mode corrected.
Ver. 2.1.16 2005/02/22
  • File not found error when using brick elements fixed.
Ver. 2.1.15 2005/02/18
  • New solver errors with triangular shells and tetrahedral solids fixed.
Ver. 2.1.14 2005/02/18
  • New solver file error problem fixed.
Ver. 2.1.13 2005/02/17
  • Faster solution routine implemented - allows for much larger models as well.
  • Australian and Hong Kong concrete codes added.
  • Cone added to hemispherical shell wizard.
  • Effective modal mass added to seismic output.
  • Error checking made optional.
  • Checking for duplicate nodes and elements restricted to 10000 nodes & elements for speed.
  • Problem fixed in envelopes - occured when own weight was added to the first listed loadcase in the combination.
Ver. 2.1.12 2005/01/06
  • Memory leak in drawing routine fixed.
Ver. 2.1.11 2004/12/15
  • Picture viewpoint problem corrected.
  • second-order and non-linear convergence criteria for.
  • tension only members refined to improve convergence.
Ver. 2.1.10 2004/11/26
  • Shell edge loads input added to output file.
  • Shell edge loads display improved/corrected.
  • Shells & solids - clicking on picture shows line number in input.
  • Tetrahedron element adjusted - sometimes stiffness matrix was not positive definite.
Ver. 2.1.09 2004/11/19
  • Problems with nodes and beams that occured when splitting beams corrected.
  • Problems with beam loads while splitting beams corrected.
  • Harmonic analysis reactions graphics output corrected.
  • Beta angle was not correctly applied when splitting beams: corrected.
  • Warning on using springed supports for buckling analysis added.
Ver. 2.1.08 2004/10/22
  • Buckling analysis of shells defaulted to last load case.
Ver. 2.1.07 2004/10/22
  • Siesmic analysis - lines indicating moment directions on shell moment outputs did not line up in the proper directions.
Ver. 2.1.06 2004/10/19
  • Design Link to CB: bug fixes and improvements.
Ver. 2.1.05 2004/10/14
  • With Auto Scale off - picture now stays zoomed between different input pages.
  • Range check error fixed that sometimes occurred in harmonic analysis.
  • Display of yielding elements improved (nonlinear analysis).
Ver. 2.1.04 2004/10/11
  • Design Links sometimes caused program to revert to 2D only mode.
Ver. 2.1.03 2004/10/07
  • Design Link to continuous beam - problem with irregular node numbering fixed.
Ver. 2.1.02 2004/10/04
  • Geometric stiffness was overestimated during non-linear analysis.
Ver. 2.1.01 2004/10/01
  • second-order analysis rsults defaulted to linear analysis results in some cases.
Ver. 2.1.00 2004/09/14
  • New version.
Ver. 2.0.27 2004/09/10
  • Rigid shells added.
  • Bandwidth problem fixed.
Ver. 2.0.26 2004/09/09
  • Dead load factor for own weight defaulted to 1 for seismic analysis - corrected.
Ver. 2.0.25 2004/09/06
  • Design Link to CB added.
  • Optimization of node numbering improved.
  • Shell buckling routines improved.
Ver. 2.0.24 2004/08/11
  • Shell edge loads capability added.
  • Number of saved views increased to 100.
  • Triangular shell in-plane stresses for vertical faces were sometimes rotated by 90°.
  • Design Link to base plates sometimes transferred load on plate with the wrong sign.
Ver. 2.0.23 2004/07/30
  • Error 1000 problem on file read that ocurred in version W2.0.22 fixed.
Ver. 2.0.22 2004/07/28
  • Absolute minimum values reported in beam force envelopes corrected.
Ver. 2.0.21 2004/06/29
  • Bending stresses in triangular shells corrected.
  • Tetrahedral element adjusted - sometimes positive indefinite if large aspect ratio.
  • Minimum values on beam force envelopes added.
  • Indian concrete code added.
  • Drucker Prager yield criterion added.
  • Add frame from file option added.
Ver. 2.0.20 2004/10/06
  • second-order analysis did not converge properly for some cases with tension only elements.
Ver. 2.0.19 2004/09/06
  • Own weight on beam elements was not properly added during nonlinear analyses.
  • Reactions for seismic analysis sometimes undefined.
  • Spurious lines on moment and shear diagrams fixed.
Ver. 2.0.18 1970/01/01
  • Nonlinear analysis - beam load effects were doubled.
Ver. 2.0.17 1970/01/01
  • Beam force diagrams sometimes showed random lines (undefined values).
Ver. 2.0.16 1970/01/01
  • Y shear in envelopes sometimes incorrect.
Ver. 2.0.15 1970/01/01
  • Access violation during input errors fixed.
  • Beam envelopes could only handle 50 load cases - now 200.
  • Save before analysing tickbox added.
  • Harmonic analysis gave spiky force diagrams if more than 1 mode involved.
  • Program sometimes crashed when exiting after a harmonic analysis.
Ver. 2.0.14 2004/06/04
  • Output file listed all coordinates as 0 - Com, Strut could not read the output.
Ver. 2.0.13 2004/01/04
  • If more than 2 load cases were entered and a Seismic Analysis was done, this resulted in a range check error. (Access Violation).
Ver. 2.0.12 2004/05/03
  • Copy protection for add-ons fixed.
  • Splitting of beams button added.
  • Design Link to concrete columns - now uses highest axial force.
  • Add shell loads by area fixed - got stuck in this mode.
Ver. 2.0.11 2004/12/01
  • Adjustment to in-plane stress element reversed.
Ver. 2.0.10 2004/08/01
  • 'Access violation' error fixed - saving of bitmap file for file identification.
  • Non-linear non convergence problem solved.
  • Small adjustment to in-plane stress element stiffness -> improved deflection and stress accuracy.
  • Problems with importing of DXF/DWG files addressed.
Ver. 2.0.09 1970/01/01
  • Refinements to modeller input functions.
  • Same nodes tolerance added.
Ver. 2.0.08 2003/07/10
  • Spring element forces under seismic analysis corrected.
Ver. 2.0.07 2003/03/10
  • Spring elements on supports - signs of reactions from spring were incorrect.
  • Harmonic analysis combinations - deflections often included self weight component when self weight was not part of the combination.
Ver. 2.0.06 2003/01/10
  • Access violation error problem fixed - ocurred when entering new beams with full 3D mode on.
  • Modeling of element surfaces added.
  • Harmonic analysis - shell and brick stresses written to file streams to overcome memory problems on large models.
  • 2nd order analysis adjusted for tension only cases that did not converge - related to tolerance check.
Ver. 2.0.05 1970/01/01
  • After analysis, picture automatically went to full 3D mode.
Ver. 2.0.04 1970/01/01
  • non-linear analysis convergence adjusted further: no. of iterations increased.
  • No. of mode shapes available for dynamic analysis increased to 150.
Ver. 2.0.03 1970/01/01
  • 'Structure Isolated' check amended.
Ver. 2.0.02 1970/01/01
  • Static component sometimes not added in seismic analysis force outputs.
Ver. 2.0.01 1970/01/01
  • Tolerances in non-linear analysis adjusted - did not converge.
  • if forces were very large. Range check error fixed in.
  • optimization routine.
Ver. 2.0.00 2003/05/08
  • New system library implemented.