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A01H: Sumo Structural Modeller 32-bit Help

Ver. 3.0.07 2017/09/07
  • Updated restrictions for plane area wind loads.
Ver. 3.0.06 2017/09/06
  • Added instructions to export the current view.
  • Added information on trussed frame template.
  • Updated instructions for importing materials and sections, and using material grade and section name filters.
  • Added information on mouse snap.
  • Updated information for view settings in the properties palette.
  • Updated information for wind loads.
  • Corrected some images missing.
  • Added explanation for difference between floating and hosted loads.
  • Added information for various load types.
  • Updated some screenshots to match current version ribbon design.
Ver. 3.0.05 2017/03/30
  • Added information for wind loading.
  • Corrected grammatical errors.
Ver. 3.0.04 2016/09/20
  • Added references for shell element formulation and Wood-Armer equation..
  • Corrected explanation of self-weight modelling for shell elements.
  • Corrected explanation of self-weight modelling for columns.
Ver. 3.0.03 2016/09/20
  • Added information for seismic analysis.
  • Improved information for dynamic analysis settings.
Ver. 3.0.02 2016/08/31
  • Improved guideline for developing a finite element layout.
  • Removed references unsupported features: non-linear material behaiour; solid finite elements.
  • Removed duplicated information: concrete design; analysis types.
Ver. 3.0.01 2016/08/10
  • Added sign conventions.
  • Updated analysis settings.
Ver. 3.0.00 2016/07/19
  • Updated units of measurements.
  • Updated supported design standards.
  • Added analysis settings.
  • Added animation of analysis results.
  • Inclusion in Version Info system.