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A01-64: Sumo Structural Modeller 64-bit

Ver. 3.1.50 2020/08/11
  • Corrected a spelling error in the monolithic beam description.
  • Plane area wind loads with high aspect ratios generated errors when loading attached elements, corrected.
  • Plane area wind loads did not update graphics after attached elements were edited, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.49 2020/08/03
  • Model units support added to the portal and trussed frame wizards as well as the measure command.
  • Uniform constant shell stresses caused an application hang when viewing results, corrected.
  • Added internal pressure and mixed case settings for wind loads to the portal and trussed frame wizards.
  • Removed radii from the volumetric representation of cold-formed sections.
  • Curves to beams command now adds a default section if required.
  • Upgraded solver to Intel MKL 2020 Update 2.
Ver. 3.1.48 2020/07/16
  • The section rotation angles of beams and monolithic beams were incorrectly back-calculated after rotation transformations, corrected.
  • Line load rotation angles are now adjusted to account for rotation transformations.
Ver. 3.1.47 2020/07/07
  • Added the 'Drop' command to drop a beam or column end to the nearest other beam or column.
  • Added a minimum distance setting for the 'Near miss' property sheet.
  • Added selection context menus (right click).
  • Improved model regeneration speed.
  • Additional error checking added to the Frame import.
Ver. 3.1.46 2020/06/30
  • Background colour is now user configurable (solid and gradient backgrounds).
  • Grid colour is now user configurable.
  • Improved rendering speed of large models.
  • Corrected SQL error in the 'Find node' command after a failed analysis.
  • Meshes did not always redraw after being cleared, corrected.
  • Reinforcement design of shells under high tensile stresses caused an application hang, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.45 2020/06/25
  • Relaxed the 'near miss' minimum tolerance.
  • Additional error checking on slab meshing added.
  • Improved the automated input correction of plane area drawings (Slabs, plane area loads etc.).
Ver. 3.1.44 2020/06/23
  • Improved the Sumo exchange format compatibility with Revit.
  • Sumo now displays 'near miss' intersections to aid model debugging.
  • Updated the SQLite database library.
Ver. 3.1.43 2020/06/12
  • Added license type to application title bar.
  • Added titles to the output charts.
  • Slab curves are now checked in models exported from Revit.
  • Corrected kPa to MPa unit conversion error (display only).
Ver. 3.1.42 2020/06/10
  • Decimals on the output charts now restricted to 2.
  • Changes on the group table now propagate to the current selection.
  • Taper beams now refuse curve connections.
  • Improved displacement display of harmonic analyses in amplitude mode.
  • Non-linear convergence testing now uses the Euclidean norm of the force vector.
  • Temperature loading on beams added.
  • Added temperature and expansion coefficient units and conversions.
  • Further compiler updates.
Ver. 3.1.41 2020/06/03
  • Maximum displacement now shown as label on the results view.
  • Chart series on the results view now labelled according to element and load case.
  • Corrected intermittent error during Sumo shutdown.
  • Added additional checks to deal with invalid imported curves.
  • Improved the Sumo change engine.
Ver. 3.1.40 2020/05/25
  • Corrected the beam forces grid filter.
  • Added a shell dome wizard.
Ver. 3.1.39 2020/05/18
  • Added boundary condition properties to wall edges.
  • Added a circular reservoir wizard.
  • Several wall property changes did not invalidate the analysis, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.38 2020/05/11
  • Added concrete codes of practice: ACI318 – 2014, AS3600 - 2018, SP 63.13330.2018 and CSA A23.3-4 – 2019.
  • Base and rectangular column design links now use the default concrete code of practice (in new models).
  • Updated user interface library and compiler.
  • Updated compiler.
Ver. 3.1.37 2020/04/29
  • The load combination table did not update the display immediately after a multi-row visibility change, corrected.
  • Corrected sorting of tables where the sorting column contains a mix of characters and digits.
  • Added load combination generation for SANS 10160-1:2011 and SANS 10160-1:2019.
  • Load case table headings ammended to match the terminology used in the codes of practice.
Ver. 3.1.36 2020/04/02
  • Added SP 20.13330.2016 to the wind load settings dialog.
  • Corrected connected elements problem in the plane area wind loads object.
Ver. 3.1.35 2020/03/11
  • Models containing monolithic beams sometimes generated an error message when viewing output (introduced v3.1.34), corrected.
Ver. 3.1.34 2020/03/02
  • The Continous Beam design link now displays an error if 'Load combinations only' was selected.
  • The Continous Beam design link now displays a warning if 'Remove overlapping beam segments' was selected.
  • Beam envelope display failed if the beam contained overlapping segments, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.33 2020/02/04
  • Corrected unnecessary error message during continuous beam export.
  • Corrected the base design export - Max SLS pressure was written to the wrong cell.
Ver. 3.1.32 2020/01/21
  • Improved Sumo exchange when object deletion is propagated to asscociated models.
  • Added a boundary check to the slab meshing process.
  • Increased the nodal attached member limit from 150 to 250.
Ver. 3.1.31 2019/11/22
  • Corrected an issue that ocasionally interrupted linear analyses.
Ver. 3.1.30 2019/11/20
  • Improved exchange database interpretation.
  • Negative support gaps were ignored, corrected.
  • Corrected DWG engine loading problems.
Ver. 3.1.29 2019/11/14
  • Further adjustments to Slab UDL display.
Ver. 3.1.28 2019/11/13
  • Shallow arcs are now drawn as lines and no longer generate errors.
  • DWG import can now optionally ignore entities on frozen layers.
  • Import DWG settings are now persisted in the registry.
  • Automatic rigid links now replace overlapping beam segments.
  • Total work, beam- and rigid link strain energies are now displayed on the results tables for a linear analysis.
  • Optimised slab UDL and results display for large models.
  • The DWG engine can now optionally ignore entities on frozen layers.
Ver. 3.1.27 2019/10/25
  • The RecCol design link bottom fixities defaulted to the top fixity values, corrected.
  • Additional error checking added to the property calculator button on the property palette.
  • Sumo now displays an error message if DWG file reading fails.
  • The Trussed Frame building wizard now generates a valid Wind Analysis file.
  • The DWG engine now supports shared reads on DWG files.
Ver. 3.1.26 2019/10/21
  • The filter dialog now supports filter arguments of any length.
  • Added general I sections to the Continuous Beam design link.
  • All design links now include node numbers in the load case name to uniquely identify members with duplicate names.
  • Sumo now checks for overlapping supports (from footings, point supports and line supports).
  • Overlapping supports are overwritten using the following order of precedence: footings, point supports, line supports and lastly, area supports.
  • The multiple footing and point support commands now support editing via the property palette.
  • Sub-frame strip end fixities now transfer correctly to Continuous Beam.
  • Sub-frame strips that intersected line loads on a span line doubled the load when transferred to Continuous Beam, corrected.
  • Removed a spurious error message during sub-frame strip export.
  • Pad footing and point support input via the ribbon now updates the property palette immediately.
Ver. 3.1.25 2019/10/15
  • Continuous Beam design link now exports data required for long term deflection.
  • Added SANS10160-3:2018 to the wind loads and model templates.
  • Changing wind settings in the model templates had no effect, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.24 2019/10/04
  • Optimised editing of large models.
  • COM API now supports simultaneous 32/64 bit registration.
  • Section table toolbar did not show the user-defined section button, corrected.
  • Optimised the deletion of a large selection.
  • Meshing around columns with invalid sections corrected.
  • Sub-frame strip used a coarse resolution when exporting area loads to CB, now exact.
Ver. 3.1.23 2019/09/16
  • The baseplate design link failed if the connection was supported on a beam element, corrected.
  • Added additional checks for models generated by Advance Steel.
  • Result filtering adjusted to take shell result tooltips into account.
  • Added a fail-safe default font.
Ver. 3.1.22 2019/09/11
  • Added a drop-down calculator to floating point properties in on the property palette.
  • Sumo now generates an error if the mesh size is zero.
  • Added tooltips to shell results.
  • Changing a slab's elevation property now explicitly projects all boundary curves to the new elevation.
  • The shell results view now retains the last view.
  • Sumo now uses a fall-back font to circumvent Windows font errors.
  • Entering a zero value for the moment of inertia of a user section caused an error, corrected.
  • Added a drop-down calculator to the user interface library.
Ver. 3.1.21 2019/09/02
  • Sumo now checks for planarity when drawing slabs, shells and plane loads.
  • Corrected the auto-closure feature when drawing slabs, shells and plane loads.
  • Commands with number prompts did not close when the escape key was pressed, corrected.
  • Sumo now retains the design group file for bases and columns and adds the group name to the beginning of the file name.
  • Property palette now responds to unit changes when no objects are selected.
  • Corrected the 'Access denied' error when using the design links from a Sumo instance that was launched from a pinned icon.
  • RecCol and Base design links now import material changes.
  • Design groups: design time vs. analysis time check failed under certain conditions, corrected.
  • Line loads interfered with node generation at times, corrected.
  • Pad footings now support cylindrical stubs.
  • Switched the default positions of the Materials and Sections tabs.
Ver. 3.1.20 2019/08/07
  • Finalised the IFC Structural Analysis View import and export.
  • Added a concrete building wizard.
  • Changed view transfer to the sheet to avoid program errors on some machines.
  • Text editor library can now report the page width.
Ver. 3.1.19 2019/07/25
  • Corrected the rigid link area factor display on the settings page.
  • Added validity checks to the rigid link object.
Ver. 3.1.18 2019/07/22
  • Corrected an exchange modify error.
  • Corrected the exchange of models with mixed modify and insert operations.
  • Section dropdowns in the property palette did not allow the selection of 'None', corrected.
  • Decimal precision can now be set for all input real numbers.
  • Corrected initialisation errors that hid a single object on each of the Level and Hatch tables.
Ver. 3.1.17 2019/07/05
  • The insertion point displayed on the property palette for beam point loads was incorrect.
  • Removed unnecessary end nodes on line loads connected to more than one surface element.
  • Pad footings now check for overlaps.
  • Added a replace section command to the section table context menu.
  • Sumo now optionally converts faces and regions in a DWG file to plane shells.
  • Sumo now sets the analysed state after clearing results.
  • Corrected error at start-up on some machines.
  • DWG engine now parses faces and regions.
Ver. 3.1.16 2019/05/03
  • Plane area loads generated unconnected nodes in some cases, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.15 2019/04/18
  • Beams and columns now connect to line supports along the connected length per segment.
  • Line supports now support the distribution of spring stiffness along the connected length.
  • Floating window load order caused incomplete table initialisation, corrected.
  • Plane area support local coordinate system calculation corrected.
Ver. 3.1.14 2019/04/11
  • Plane area supports caused a database error, corrected.
  • Meshing in the vicinity of short line segments improved.
  • Portal frame dialog title corrected.
Ver. 3.1.13 2019/04/09
  • Corrected the processing of custom sections that consist of a single circular arc only.
Ver. 3.1.12 2019/03/25
  • Added end and mid-curve snapping to all surface objects.
  • Sumo now displays all analytical model errors, previously only the first was shown.
  • Plane area supports now orient the elastic support normal to the support plane, previously the support was only vertical.
  • Inclined plane area supports now generate an error if gaps are are specified.
  • Reaction components of 0.000 are no longer displayed.
  • Plane shell input is no longer projected to an average plane.
  • Recompile due to Windows UCRT update.
Ver. 3.1.11 2019/03/08
  • Shell forces output now supports plane shell filters.
  • The find node feature is now capable of finding mesh nodes also.
  • The minimum and maximum envelope combinations now support post processed values (Mmax, Mmin, Smax, Smin, Vmax and von Mises).
  • Tabular output filters now produce empty tables for empty filter results.
Ver. 3.1.10 2019/02/22
  • IFC 4 analysis view import/export added (supports columns, beams and boundary comditions).
  • Global rigid link stiffness factors can now be modified on the analysis settings property page.
  • IFC helper library adjusted.
Ver. 3.1.09 2019/02/19
  • Closing Sumo on the Results view caused errors during Sumo start-up, corrected.
  • Monolithic beam sections were not properly loaded from file, corrected (introduced in 3.1.07).
  • Automatic column rigid links did not load properly from file, corrected (introduced in 3.1.07).
Ver. 3.1.08 2019/02/14
  • Loading a model containing wind loads caused errors, corrected.
  • Unmeshed objects did not report their meshed status accurately, corrected.
  • Added an IFC helper library.
Ver. 3.1.07 2019/02/12
  • File format change, models with a large number of shells are now significantly smaller on disk.
  • Added a Sumo exchange feature which allows 2 users to track last changes and keep models up to date.
  • Editing load factors on a visible load combination caused display errors, corrected.
  • Updated the user interface library.
  • Upgraded solver to Intel MKL 2019 Update 2.
Ver. 3.1.06 2019/01/21
  • Text in the model viewport now match the system text size settings.
  • The size of text in the model viewport is now configurable in the application settings.
  • The concrete beam detailing design link now supports multiple selections.
Ver. 3.1.05 2019/01/10
  • Slabs and plane shells now automatically project to a plane to correct small inconsistencies in input.
  • Added 'Normal' and 'Origin' properties to the plane shell object.
  • Corrected a problem with level generation.
  • Plane shells now only flag overlaps with shells in the same plane.
Ver. 3.1.04 2018/11/20
  • Improved convergence checks on modal and buckling analyses.
  • Additional error checking added to avoid errors during results display and meshing.
  • Undo with pending property palette changes caused errors, corrected.
  • Subframe strips could not be edited after insertion, corrected.
  • New build of the user interface library.
Ver. 3.1.03 2018/10/31
  • Improved rendering speed of large models.
  • Frame import/export now recognises all three section constraint options (Normal, Tension-only and Compression-only).
  • Animation of static load cases for a harmonic analysis is now disabled.
  • Load combinations in a harmonic analysis crashed Sumo under particular conditions, corrected.
  • The contour legend was not displayed in a level view, corrected.
  • Initial naming of levels and load combinations corrected (did not start at 0 and did not continue logically).
  • Sumo now generates an error if a mass case is assigned a frequency in a harmonic analysis.
  • The massage table did not always clear the error messages from previous models, corrected.
Ver. 3.1.02 2018/10/16
  • Corrected hang during analysis after enabling concrete design for NZ 3101 - 2006.
Ver. 3.1.01 2018/10/10
  • Under certain conditions, the continuous beam design link did not export combinations completely, corrected.
  • Removed 'local license' support.
  • Added additional error message detail to the 'Clear results' command.
  • Additional error checking added to the loading of design groups from file.
  • Additional error checking added to the export of analysis results to CSV file.
Ver. 3.1.00 2018/09/28
  • First release of version 3.1.
  • Base connections now center the plate on the column/beam section.
  • Validity of loadcases are now checked prior to analysis.
  • First release of version 3.1.
Ver. 3.0.121 2018/09/21
  • Corrected an initialisation error during baseplate input.
Ver. 3.0.120 2018/09/14
  • Added section tonnage statistics.
  • Additional meshing error checking added.
  • Adding multiple pad footings or point supports caused connection errors, corrected.
  • Coordinates on the property palette did not use display units, corrected.
  • In-span loads on columns caused errors during design link export, downgraded to warnings.
Ver. 3.0.119 2018/09/07
  • Frame import merged colinear beams with differing rotation angles, corrected.
  • Row deletion in tables now supports discontinuous selection ranges.
  • Viewing deflection contours after a seismic analysis caused errors, corrected.
  • Loose nodes occurred at slab edges near column cut-outs corrected.
Ver. 3.0.118 2018/09/04
  • Truss wizard now inserts a default HD bolt material.
  • Truss wizard did not assign the gable rafter section, corrected.
  • Edits of the beam, column and rigid link coordinates in the property palette were not reflected in intersection calculations, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.117 2018/08/28
  • Added a portal frame wizard.
  • Single selection did not always highlight properly, corrected.
  • TAB selection did not cycle selected objects, corrected.
  • Amended the precision of beam rotation angles when exporting to Frame.
  • Sumo crashed when printing a view containing text, corrected.
  • Plane area wind load intersection tolerances were too strict, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.116 2018/08/20
  • Default beam colours now based on section settings.
  • Added additional error checking during animations.
  • Added a baseplate connection object.
  • Baseplate object can now be exported to design link.
  • Baseplate objects are now added to trussed frames by the wizard.
  • Additional error checking added to the slab drawing and grip translation commands.
  • Small update to the user interface library.
Ver. 3.0.115 2018/08/14
  • Improved selection preview speed for large models.
  • Added a multiple value indicator for checked properties.
  • Added bolt materials to the material import dialog.
Ver. 3.0.114 2018/08/06
  • Added stub geometry to the pad footing object.
  • Added stub geometry to the base design link and group.
  • Column design links now support multi-segment columns.
  • Sending several views could crash Sumo when saving, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.113 2018/07/23
  • Trussed frame wizard now supports export to the Wind module.
  • Trussed frame wizard now removes zero pressure wind loads.
  • Beam, monolithic beam and column commands no longer draw 'ghosted' objects.
  • Monolithic beam, slab, plane shell and wall objects now show certain properties in mm or in.
Ver. 3.0.112 2018/07/18
  • Additional error checking added to curve connections.
  • Monolithic beams did not update graphics in the diagram views, corrected.
  • Corrected a label on the import materials dialog.
  • Adding wind load objects could crash Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.111 2018/07/13
  • Input of hosted loads sometimes duplicated the load in the analysis model, corrected. This error was only present in the session in which the input was done.
Ver. 3.0.110 2018/07/11
  • Commands executed after copy and move operations could crash Sumo (introduced 3.0.108), corrected.
Ver. 3.0.109 2018/07/09
  • Table display was corrupted when the message table was unpinned from its docking position, corrected.
  • Concrete bean detailing design link now checks the selection set.
  • Importing a Sumo model into itself caused duplication errors, this operation is no longer allowed.
Ver. 3.0.108 2018/07/04
  • Improved connection updates due to property palette edits.
  • Missing object hatches could cause crashes, corrected.
  • Improved non-linear convergence in shell models.
  • Modified the rounding behaviour of the analysis settings pages.
Ver. 3.0.107 2018/06/26
  • Added automatic minimum envelope combination for shell contours.
  • Displacement tooltips were not visible, corrected.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Reduced the memory required for a buckling analysis.
  • Added error handling for invalid subframe strips.
  • Point supports did not update connections properly when moved (required a regenerate), corrected.
Ver. 3.0.106 2018/06/18
  • Added automatic maximum envelope combination for shell contours.
  • Beam section changes invalidated meshes, corrected.
  • Nodes included in window selections even if not visible, corrected.
  • Colour properties did not flag multiple values, corrected.
  • Reference properties did not flag multiple values, corrected.
  • Bounds check added for printer errors.
Ver. 3.0.105 2018/06/08
  • Sum of loads calculated for UDL's on triangular shells in the local z direction was incorrect (Only affected the equilibrium check).
  • The equilibrium check was too strict for large differences in minimum and maximum reactions.
Ver. 3.0.104 2018/05/31
  • Objects created via the API did not display, corrected.
  • Sumo crashed on exit if it was opened using the API, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.103 2018/05/24
  • Added multi-criteria filters for the results view.
  • Added perpendicular snap.
  • Added a display manager option to the application settings.
  • Level views did not render properly on the design link view, corrected.
  • Opening a file using the Windows shell caused display problems, corrected.
  • Downgraded load case and combination name length violations from critical errors to errors.
Ver. 3.0.102 2018/05/21
  • General Prokon preferences now read from registry.
  • Monolithic beams section data now stored in the analytical model.
  • Added a Continuous beam detailing link.
  • Sub-frame strip handling of line loads improved for near orthogonal line loads.
  • Setting load case visibility during load input could crash Sumo, corrected.
  • Load case and combination names are now checked for length and uniqueness.
Ver. 3.0.101 2018/05/17
  • Load case and combination visibility can now be toggled independently in different views.
  • Results filter is now applied to the input model as well.
  • Deflection plots did not always reflect the applied filter, corrected.
  • Filter button now remains depressed to show that a results filter is active.
  • Added plane shell object to the results filter options.
  • Beam force plots now include interior values in scale calculations.
Ver. 3.0.100 2018/05/10
  • Added a 'Local Z' direction for beam distributed and point loads.
  • The display did not always refresh after rotating, corrected.
  • Added additional checks when loading 2D meshes.
Ver. 3.0.99 2018/05/07
  • Section numbers in the output file did not necessarily retain the same order in successive design link exports, corrected.
  • Design links for Strut, Combine and Timsec now generate user specified output files in the current working folder.
  • Additional node checks added.
Ver. 3.0.98 2018/05/04
  • Material names no longer include the Sumo name when exported to Frame.
  • Sumo now only sets load group visibility when switching load groups in a results view if the 'Show input model' option is checked.
  • Changing object type visibility caused node number changes, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.97 2018/04/20
  • Additional checks added to the plane area load object.
  • Plane area wind loads lost custom additions and removals after a regenerate command, corrected.
  • Plane area wind loads did not persist warnings and errors in die database, corrected.
  • Changing beam, column and rigid link fixities modified node numbers, corrected.
  • Very short connection curves are now discarded.
  • Upgraded solver to Intel MKL 2018 Update 2.
Ver. 3.0.96 2018/04/16
  • Added checks to avoid application exit errors.
  • Added a 'Local' direction option to plane area loads.
  • Added additional checks to the plane area wind load object.
  • Added instructions for AMD GPU's on dual graphics systems to use high performance rendering.
Ver. 3.0.95 2018/03/28
  • Sumo now merges adjacent slab openings automatically.
  • Invalid outlines during slab input sometimes deleted curves, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.94 2018/03/19
  • Errors during the evaluation of shell jacobians now halt the analysis.
  • Removed coordinate rounding from DWG imports.
  • Object visibility influenced bounding box calculations during analysis, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.93 2018/03/12
  • Improved output view updating.
  • Import of Sumo files caused errors if duplicate sections or materials were present, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.92 2018/03/02
  • Added additional pre-analysis checks and error messages.
  • Check solve produced a Sqlite error if shells were present, corrected.
  • Line supports, rigid links and walls did not update their display properly, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.91 2018/02/26
  • Corrected display problems.
Ver. 3.0.90 2018/02/22
  • Plane area wind load now supports tiled areas.
  • Base design link now uses the footing name rather than the node number.
  • Out-of-core temporary files were created in the current folder rather instead of the temporary folder, corrected.
  • Fixity settings on the sub-frame strip did not export to Continuous beam, corrected.
  • Sumo now fixes small gaps in slab and plane-shell outlines automatically.
  • Input rendering data was not always cleared, corrected.
  • API initialisation order corrected.
  • Load cases are now excluded from the lists displayed on design link windows.
  • Several design links unnecessarily included the component load cases for selected combinations, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.89 2018/01/31
  • Several robustness omprovements.
  • Rectangular column and base design links no longer lock Sumo.
  • Rectangular column design group failed to find valid sections after design file changes, corrected.
  • Added support for very long path names to the Frame export command.
Ver. 3.0.88 2018/01/15
  • Increased the efficiency of the deflection results view.
  • Added a section name column to the beam elements results grid.
Ver. 3.0.87 2017/12/15
  • The 'Include second-order effects' option was reset to false after every dynamic analysis, corrected.
  • Application errors occured if a second-order analysis was followed by a dynamic analysis, corrected.
  • The 'Beam forces' results table now include a 'Name' column.
Ver. 3.0.86 2017/12/11
  • SS EN1991-1-4:2009 added to the wind loading settings.
  • Corrected a problem with the CQC seismic combination method which caused incorrect reporting of maximum/minimum reactions.
  • Sumo no longer allows user response spectra which start at a period of zero due to log-log interpolation limitations.
Ver. 3.0.85 2017/12/07
  • Wood-Armer moments and reinforcement were not accumulated correctly during a non-linear analysis, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.84 2017/11/27
  • Multiple Sumo instances sometimes caused a crash during application ext, corrected.
  • Empty custom section loops caused a crash, corrected.
  • Frame imports sometimes failed due to the thumbnail bitmap at the end of the file, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.83 2017/11/14
  • Added BeginTransaction and CommitTransaction methods to the API.
  • Added error checking to intercept the loading of isolated monolithic beams.
  • BS EN1991-1-4:2010 added to the wind loading settings.
  • Overlap checks on plane shell objects did not first check co-planarity, corrected.
  • Adjusted the meshing proximity check tolerance.
Ver. 3.0.82 2017/11/01
  • Further adjustments to curb application exit problems.
  • Plotting of displacements on the chart window sometimes inverted beam ends, corrected.
  • Corrected issues with automatic installation of the Prokon DWG Engine.
  • Added support for AutoCAD 2018 DWG files.
Ver. 3.0.81 2017/10/26
  • Corrected a problem with the surface intersect command.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented beam diagram display.
  • Corrected errors involving polylines and surfaces.
Ver. 3.0.80 2017/10/23
  • Corrected a problem that intermittently crashed Sumo during application exit.
Ver. 3.0.79 2017/10/13
  • Small modifications to the automation API for 32 bit clients.
  • Corrected a bug which could crash Sumo when opening the loaded element dialog of a plane area wind load is opened.
  • Surface objects did not display properly, corrected.
  • Extrusions of polylines crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Plane shells and slabs now flag overlaps with each other.
  • Plane shells and slabs now detect complete overlaps as well.
  • Beam chart display crashed Sumo if the analysis type was not static, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.78 2017/09/29
  • Material database did not import materials on the 'Other' table - corrected.
  • First release of the automation API (VBA).
Ver. 3.0.77 2017/09/20
  • Sumo now supports the import and export of user defined spectra from and to Frame.
  • Additional error checking added to the properties palette.
  • Corrected a problem with the Frame export that prevented Frame from reading the file.
Ver. 3.0.76 2017/09/14
  • Corrected a problem that caused a crash while editing plane area wind loads.
  • Sumo now supports the use of a custom seismic response spectrum.
  • Corrected a problem that prevented the display of context ribbons.
Ver. 3.0.75 2017/09/11
  • Increased the license manager login timeout to accommodate slow internet connections.
  • Added a mesh all command.
  • The solve and check commands now prompt the user to mesh unmeshed objects if necessary.
  • Y-axis moments and X-axis shear diagrams did not include the effect beam point loads and beam distributed loads that were defined in local beam axes, corrected.
  • Beam loads (local axes) on vertical elements were applied in the wrong direction if the component beams had inverted local axes, corrected.
  • Tables can no longer be closed by clicking on the close button.
  • Corrected an issue that hid tables (and the palettes) if auto-hide was enabled.
Ver. 3.0.74 2017/08/31
  • Output results: Sumo did not deactivate the display of the previous view after changing views, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.73 2017/08/29
  • Added backstage view to the File button.
  • Added a trussed frame model template.
  • Simplified the materials and sections import dialogs.
  • Added a filtering feature to the materials and sections import dialogs.
  • Added enhanced metafile option to view exports.
  • Updated the user interface library.
  • Slight modification to the user interface themes.
Ver. 3.0.72 2017/08/15
  • Corrected erroneous monolithic beam section property calculation if the length unit was set to any value other than metre.
  • Monolithic beams occasionally added unnecessary section errors to the messages table, corrected.
  • Plane area wind loads now support triangular areas.
  • Plane area wind loads now support interior element endpoints that are connected to other elements.
Ver. 3.0.71 2017/08/03
  • Adjusted the handling of point constraints in the meshing routine.
Ver. 3.0.70 2017/07/27
  • Plane area wind loads now sum coincident child loads loads.
  • Sumo can now export beam chart data to Excel via a CSV-format file.
  • Export to Excel via CSV-format files now support the regional list separator setting.
  • Saving design groups with an embedded design file failed due to the image embedded in the design file, corrected.
  • Charts did not plot beam interior bending moments, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.69 2017/07/26
  • Line loads now support varying loads, as well as local axis loading along with a rotation angle.
  • Plane area wind loads now generate line loads as needed.
  • Corrected occasional error during beam force plotting (second-order analyses only).
  • Additional error checking added to display routines.
  • In a few particular cases, forces were incorrectly assigned to reactions on which shell forces were applied directly (analysis would fail at the equilibrium check), corrected.
  • Point loads erroneously failed intersection checks during input, corrected.
  • Pressing Ctrl-A crashed Sumo if the property palette had input focus, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.68 2017/07/06
  • Very slender tension elements led to numerical instabilities while plotting internal bending moments and shears, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.67 2017/06/30
  • Sumo now treats constrained element state as a convergence condition (second-order and non-linear analyses).
  • Constrained member state is now stored in the database.
  • Node number display was not correctly updated after a regenerate, corrected.
  • Single click select did not add loads in the hosted loads commands, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.66 2017/06/26
  • Improved regeneration speed for models containing many point loads.
  • Optimised plane area wind load intersection calculations.
  • Error reports now add a default email address.
  • Warped shells did not pass the element convexity test, corrected.
  • Models imported from Frame containing group numbers did not save group settings, corrected.
  • Additional error checking added for plane area wind loads.
  • Error reports now add a default email address.
Ver. 3.0.65 2017/06/13
  • Substantial analysis time reduction for large models containing mostly shell elements.
  • Faster modelling in models containing a large number of beam elements.
  • Added a connection filter property to all objects.
  • The measure tool can now be used in the output views.
  • Select all command added (Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut).
  • Plan level views did not show a selection preview, corrected.
  • Shift-left click unselected all elements instead of the element clicked, corrected.
  • Zero number of loadcases error was not consistently detected, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.64 2017/06/01
  • Result filters crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Load combinations lost negative load factors when saving, corrected.
  • The 'load combinations only' setting was not compatible with the Strut and Combine design links, corrected.
  • Corrected occasional errors that occured when closing Sumo.
Ver. 3.0.63 2017/05/31
  • Corrected a graphical node glitch (introduced 3.0.62).
Ver. 3.0.62 2017/05/30
  • Corrected the cause of the error: 'Point connection with no node number'.
Ver. 3.0.61 2017/05/25
  • Editing input on the load combination table after a particular sequence of preceding operations crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Removed Active Accessibility support from all Sumo views.
Ver. 3.0.60 2017/05/23
  • Buckling analysis output displayed only the final mode shape, corrected.
  • Geometric stiffness for beams with pins was calculated incorrectly. This would have affected second-order, buckling and non-linear analyses.
Ver. 3.0.59 2017/05/19
  • Sumo crashed on results display if 'Load combinations only' was set (introduced v3.0.58), corrected.
Ver. 3.0.58 2017/05/18
  • Windows temp folder setting defaulted to the Linux location, corrected.
  • Added the vertical spectrum to Eurocode chart display on the 'Analysis Options' property page.
  • Eurocode spectrum property page now displays only the chart for the chosen soil type.
  • Eurocode spectrum property page now displays only the chart for the chosen soil type.
  • Sumo now stores harmonic phases for modes, displacements, reactions, beam forces and shell forces.
  • Added a harmonic output option to display either maximum amplitudes or point-in-time values as well as an option for the display angle.
  • Sumo now supports the import and export of Frame files containing the spectrum type setting for Eurocode.
  • Ground types 2 and 3 used an acceleration value of 1g rather than the response spectrum value for Eurocode and SANS, corrected.
  • Modal analysis frequency results display did not respond to a mode change, corrected.
  • The RAM setting on the advanced analysis settings page did not save properly, corrected.
  • Mode shape display added to the harmonic analysis output stack.
  • Harmonic output for shells now restricted to Sx, Sy, Sxy, Mx, My, Mxy, Vy and Vx.
  • Sumo froze if the section database could not be found, corrected.
  • Shell smoothing disabled for harmonic analysis.
  • Upgraded solver to Intel MKL 2017 Update 2.
Ver. 3.0.57 2017/04/07
  • Sumo now explicitly disables results animation when viewing parameters change.
Ver. 3.0.56 2017/04/04
  • Implemented load combinations only analyses.
  • Object naming in new models incremented from previously opened models, corrected.
  • Plane area wind loads now display the area load in discretized views as a fallback.
  • Plane area wind load 'Loaded elements' property did not update properly, corrected.
  • Reference heights smaller than zero returned incorrect plane area wind load pressures, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.55 2017/03/29
  • Restored the boldface setting for on-screen command hints.
Ver. 3.0.54 2017/03/27
  • Removed plane-area wind load loading limitation, where load bearing elements had to be within 60 degrees of each other.
  • Elements starting or ending inside a plane-area wind load are now automatically ignored.
  • When a plane-area wind load intersects both columns and beams, the set with the most elements will be loaded.
  • The plane-area wind load dialog now has a swap button as well as tooltips.
  • Improved plane-area wind load verification routines.
  • Additional beam section error checking added.
  • Rectangular hollow sections now support a zero internal radius.
  • Additional error checking added to the Excel export command.
Ver. 3.0.53 2017/03/16
  • Added additional error checking to the automatic mesher.
  • Export of the report to RTF format corrected.
Ver. 3.0.52 2017/03/14
  • Unicode text correction to an error message box.
  • Added support for non-uniform wind load calculation.
  • Analytical supports now store a reference to a support object for each degree of freedom.
  • Analysis model now stored with 12 digit accuracy.
  • Additional error checking added to plane area support contour display.
  • Additional error checking added to the display system.
Ver. 3.0.51 2017/03/07
  • General errors without an object reference did not display on the message table, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.50 2017/03/03
  • Plane area wind loads: Recalculation of loads were not triggered after updating load properties, corrected.
  • Zero load case seismic analysis crashed Sumo when viewing results, corrected.
  • Local element axes were not colour coded (all green), corrected.
Ver. 3.0.49 2017/03/02
  • Sumo now generates file version errors only when a new version table has a non-zero row count.
  • DWG import layer assignments to groups were incorrect.
  • Seismic analysis crashed during the post-process step (UNICODE conversion bug).
  • Modal analysis check with zero load cases crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.48 2017/03/01
  • Sumo did not respond to object change events correctly (introduced 3.0.47), corrected.
  • Added additional checks to connection engine.
  • Selection filtering on reference properties (e.g. Group) crashed Sumo if the selection set contained objects with the reference property set to none, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.47 2017/02/28
  • Beam geometry did not update after section modification, corrected.
  • Compound section property dropdown contained duplicates, corrected.
  • Added gap options to translation directions of point, line and footing supports.
  • Improved meshing in regions where point connections fall on object boundaries.
  • Sending data from the results grids to the report view crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.46 2017/02/20
  • Checks added to prevent display errors.
  • Input grid display s cut off at particular zoom-states, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.45 2017/02/17
  • Errors without an object reference were not displayed (introduced 3.0.40), corrected.
  • Element shifts (node number of -1 warnings) sometimes caused crashes if the shifted element hosted a line load, corrected.
  • Elements with multiple section definitions were treated as taper sections even if the sections were identical (auto-split problems), corrected.
  • Several reinforcement design issues corrected, calculations for NZ 3101 - 2006, ACI318 - 2005, Eurocode 2 - 2004 and NZ 3101 - 2006 in particular were incorrect.
  • Added various checks to defend against incomplete model files (multiple write corruption).
Ver. 3.0.44 2017/02/15
  • Sumo crashed if a displacement callout window was visible when switching output tabs, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.43 2017/02/10
  • Added a beam section legend option.
Ver. 3.0.42 2017/02/08
  • Results were not displayed properly (introduced 3.0.41), corrected.
Ver. 3.0.41 2017/02/07
  • Sumo now supports Unicode text.
  • Object edges failed to always render correctly in models where NURBS curves were present, corrected.
  • Object modification commands now indicate snapping by changing the cursor.
  • Wind loading at the edge of an area was not always correct if the loaded objects were non-parallel, corrected.
  • New Microsoft libraries, Windows 10 compatibility.
Ver. 3.0.40 2017/01/18
  • Connectivity checks did not detect singular isolated objects, corrected.
  • The number of coordinate decimal digits displayed on the property palette is now user configurable.
Ver. 3.0.39 2016/11/18
  • Increased the planarity check tolerance for plane shells.
  • Opening models with design groups crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.38 2016/11/11
  • Local element axes can now be viewed, the size can also be adjusted.
  • Input boxes were sometimes polluted with previous input, corrected.
  • Message table did not display pre analysis audit errors (introduced 3.0.35), corrected.
  • Local FE axes can now be adjusted for slabs, plane shells and walls.
  • Optimised pre-analysis disjoint element check.
  • Inter-object FE stress smoothing was incorrect in some cases (introduced 3.0.21), corrected.
Ver. 3.0.36 2016/10/28
  • Monolithic beam results plotting was incorrect.
Ver. 3.0.35 2016/10/26
  • The messages table now sorts messages: most critical at the to.
  • Unconnected analysis elements are now detected prior to analysis.
  • Tapered elements with 3 sections crashed sumo, corrected.
  • Fixed recurring 'Point connection without node number' error.
  • Sumo allowed access to results even if the analysis failed, corrected.
  • Wind loads did not load surfaces like walls at all, corrected.
  • Wind load 'Override reference height' property was non-functional, corrected.
  • Seismic self-weight factor did not save with the model, corrected.
  • Seismic output displayed a frequency label on all tabs, corrected.
  • Beam UDL's did not add to model inertia (modal, harmonic, seismic), corrected.
  • Self weight setting in sometimes migrated to different load cases after re-opening a model, corrected.
  • Seismic analysis crashed intermittently if more than 2 load cases were used.
Ver. 3.0.34 2016/10/20
  • File-New and File-Open did not clear some of the input tables, corrected.
  • Subframe-strip design link did not export live loading correctly in some cases, corrected.
  • Output load group selection box discarded duplicate lad case and load combination names, corrected.
  • Design links now support seismic analysis output.
  • Adjusted non-linear analysis load increments.
  • Viewing seismic analysis displacements crashed Sumo if the model contained line supports, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.33 2016/10/14
  • Trailing and leading spaces in the self weight load case name resulted in self weight not being added - corrected.
  • Improved beam element local axis transformations for non-linear analysis (vertical elements in particular).
  • Added support for bulge segments in custom sections.
  • Improved error handling in the event of lack of convergence in a non-linear analysis.
  • Spring supports caused convergence problems in non-linear analyses, corrected.
  • Beams and columns no longer list display problems as an error in the message table.
  • Export to Frame now retains full accuracy for nodal coordinates.
  • Empty load cases caused buckling analysis errors, corrected.
  • Additional error checking for plane area wind loads added.
  • Upgraded solver to Itel MKL 2017.
Ver. 3.0.32 2016/10/04
  • Added 'Elevation' property to slab objects.
  • Sumo no longer adds moments and forces due to beam loads during a seismic analysis.
  • Additional error checking added to monolithic beam plan display.
Ver. 3.0.31 2016/10/03
  • Added grid based output for seismic analyses.
  • Effective weight percentage added the frequency grid output.
Ver. 3.0.30 2016/09/29
  • DXF/DWG import now limits the precision of line coordinates to the distance tolerance set in Sumo.
  • DXF/DWG import can now optionally merge colinear and/or overlapped line segments.
  • 'Allow tension' property added to plane area supports for modelling tensionless Winkler foundations.
  • Added spring elements to Frame export.
Ver. 3.0.29 2016/09/22
  • Non-prismatic beams did not interpolate self-weight correctly (display problem).
  • Analysis of rotated beams (except 90, 180 and 270deg) was incorrect if the nodal order was different from the Sumo beam orientation.
  • Axial force diagram now plots values at the start and end of the beam as well as at diagram discontinuities.
  • Columns with custom sections caused slab meshing problems, corrected.
  • ColSol solver removed.
Ver. 3.0.28 2016/09/12
  • Seismic analysis added.
Ver. 3.0.27 2016/08/29
  • Added additional error checking to plane are loads.
  • Corrected graphics error that caused bending moments to be drawn on the incorrect side of beam elements.
Ver. 3.0.26 2016/08/24
  • Adjusted line load error checking to support column openings in slabs.
Ver. 3.0.25 2016/08/18
  • Setting rigid link end fixity crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Node property editing is now disabled.
  • A model audit is now performed after the 'Regenerate' command.
Ver. 3.0.24 2016/08/17
  • Rigid link end fixity property set the start fixity when changed, corrected.
  • Line loads can now be defined per unit length also.
  • Changed internal local axis definitions for shell point loads.
  • Sumo now exports file version 7 Frame files.
  • Shell direction line was plotted incorrectly if the shell normal contained a negative y-component, corrected.
  • Further corrections made to the plotting of discontinuous beam axial forces.
  • Sumo crashed if the equilibrium check failed on a combination, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.23 2016/08/15
  • Models imported from Frame produced beam load errors after regeneration, corrected.
  • Using the Find/Replace shortcut (Ctrl-F) crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.22 2016/08/12
  • Additional error checks added to the mesher.
  • Corrected plotting of discontinuous beam axial forces.
  • Beam distributed loads can now be defined per unit length also.
  • Sumo now generates an error message if the equilibrium check fails.
  • The plane area wind load reset the custom element list during editing, corrected.
  • Import of Frame model with missing section geometry parameters hang Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.21 2016/07/29
  • Wall normal flipping did not immediately update graphics.
  • Fixed line load parsing errors.
  • Added group smoothing to all shell producing objects.
Ver. 3.0.20 2016/07/25
  • Additonal curve error checking for plane area loads added.
  • First release of wind loading object.
  • Added a compression only constraint to beam sections.
Ver. 3.0.19 2016/05/12
  • The frame import command no longer fails if the section or material databases are corrupt.
  • Added detail logging to the frame import command.
  • Reverted to Intel MKL 11.3.0 due to stability issues.
Ver. 3.0.18 2016/05/04
  • View export now supports DXF shading and other settings.
  • Right clicking on table row headers no longer clears existing selections.
  • Upgraded to Intel MKL 11.3.3.
Ver. 3.0.17 2016/04/26
  • Corrected error during line grip editing.
  • Tapered beam did not participate in intersection snaps, corrected.
  • Added undo/redo buttons to quick access toolbar.
  • Added tooltips to filter dialogs.
  • Upgraded to Intel MKL 11.3.0.
Ver. 3.0.16 2016/04/21
  • Object intersection tolerances are now user-adjustable.
  • Plane area loads no longer allow point connections.
Ver. 3.0.15 2016/04/20
  • Increased tolerance on line load parsing to accommodate CAD imports.
  • Occasional crash when opening models corrected (Due to active, modified property palette entry).
Ver. 3.0.14 2016/04/14
  • Meshing around point connections near mesh boundaries improved.
  • Refined reaction results display.
  • The convert to columns command created columns without layout curves, corrected.
  • Typing in angles smaller than 20 degrees occasionally snapped to 0 degrees, corrected.
  • Adjusted compilation for anti-virus compatibility.
  • Added debug information to the word processing library.
  • Adjusted compilation for anti-virus compatibility.
Ver. 3.0.13 2016/04/12
  • Minimising the ribbon interfered with results display, corrected.
  • Meshing around point connections improved.
Ver. 3.0.12 2016/04/01
  • Improved post-meshing clean-up.
  • Improved slab and plane shell error checking.
  • Models imported from Revit often exhibited graphics glitches, corrected.
  • Line style property was read-only, corrected.
  • Corrected plane area load plan display problem.
  • Sumo now resets to the default workspace when a model is loaded.
  • Additional error checking in load combinations.
  • Faster load group switching when viewing output.
  • Re-ordered meshing algorithm to avoid application exit crashes.
  • Copying a row in the loadcase table crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Combine and Strut design link output files assigned incorrect sections to members (evaluate current results would have been incorrect).
Ver. 3.0.11 2016/03/24
  • IO errors during database commits crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Additional error checking added to analysis.
  • Offset command ignored picked direction, corrected.
  • Sumo crashed occasionally after a command was cancelled, corrected.
  • Additional error checking added to meshing.
  • Corrected various slab and plane shell plan display problems.
  • Meshes not always completely cleared after editing, corrected.
  • Point connection on object edges caused non-conforming meshes, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.10 2016/02/22
  • Additional error checking added to analysis.
  • Undoing object deletion did not restore object references, corrected.
  • Importing Sumo models crashed Sumo if duplicate objects existed, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.09 2016/02/19
  • Additional error checking added to meshing.
  • Additional error checking added to offset command.
  • Additional error checking added to line grip editing.
  • Corrected beam fixity codes in output files for Combine and Strut.
  • Columns did not update when coordinates were changed on the property palette, corrected.
  • Improved meshing around fixed points.
  • Added debug information to the GUI library.
Ver. 3.0.08 2016/02/01
  • Models without shell elements displayed junk data on the shells output view, corrected.
  • Occasional errors during program shutdown corrected.
  • Removed 2min interval license check when using the old licensing system.
  • Removed model database reference from output file (design links).
  • Corrected opacity property description.
  • Corrected external binary execution errors when installed to 'Program Files'.
  • Additional error checking added to output animation.
Ver. 3.0.07 2016/01/19
  • Optimised slab deletion.
  • Linework often failed to render properly during panning and zooming, corrected.
  • Rectangular column design button did not function, corrected.
  • V3 RecCol files are now supported.
  • Importing other Sumo models crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • New version of the Intel OpenMP library.
Ver. 3.0.06 2016/01/14
  • Level view snapping did not constrain the y-coordinate to the level elevation, corrected.
  • Columns without valid sections occasionally crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Beam release combinations with releases other than P, T and F generated incorrect stiffness matrices.
  • Icon mismatch with displays at 120 DPI corrected.
  • Sub-frame strip modify command did not display the constituent polylines, corrected.
  • Construction line selections did not behave as expected in crossing selections, corrected.
  • Base design link duplicated loads, corrected.
  • Errors reading sub-frame strips corrected.
Ver. 3.0.05 2016/01/06
  • Corrected timing issues with the property palette that sometimes caused crashes.
  • The tab key did not toggle between input values of graphical tools, corrected.
  • Chart view did not react to selections, corrected.
  • Context ribbon icons were mismatched, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.04 2015/12/28
  • Sumo crashed when attempting to set palette visibility whilst in a command, corrected.
  • Aded export view command (pdf, ps, eps, svg and dxf).
  • Workspace palette did not update automatically after analysis, corrected.
  • Added XML parsing library.
  • Added writing functions to the DWG engine.
Ver. 3.0.03 2015/12/18
  • Additional error checking for beam plan display.
  • Beam stiffness matrices for releases other than P, F and T were incorrect.
  • Slab distributed loads did not retain load case selection during input, corrected.
  • Tables detached fro the main window did not update columns correctly on start-up.
Ver. 3.0.02 2015/12/14
  • Worskpace dialog bar did not prevent selection of disabled items, corrected.
  • Export to frame did not always correctly export rotated supports, corrected.
  • Improved analysis progress indicators.
  • Added 'Global axes' property to line supports.
  • Setting the opacity during drawing had no effect for a number of objects, corrected.
  • Viewing beam forces in models containing automatically inserted rigid links crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.01 2015/12/10
  • Added error indicators to mesh display.
  • Reinforcement design failed to converge (hung Sumo), corrected.
  • Inserting sub-frame strips crashed Sumo on the next File-New, corrected.
  • Using slab distributed loads crashed Sumo on exit, corrected.
  • Check boxes in the input tables behaved strangely during selection and editing, corrected.
  • Setting load combination visibility had no effect, corrected.
  • Analysis settings radio button behaved strangely during selection, corrected.
  • Input tables did not update based on workspace context, corrected.
Ver. 3.0.00 2015/12/07
  • Implemented new user interface library.
  • User interface now based on workspace contexts.
  • Result switching moved to ribbon.
  • Implemented harmonic analysis.
  • Added sub-frame strip objects for export to Continuous Beam.
  • Added hatching and selection highlights to level display.
  • Added polyline objects.
  • All tables are now individually dockable.
  • Copying a row on the Design Groups table crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Groups and design groups are now created with the next colour in the colour palette.
  • Load combinations are now displayed in a matrix format table.
  • Corrected My export to the Baseplate module.
  • Added US customary unit support for the Baseplate design link.
  • Added US customary unit support for the Apex design link.
  • Various stability enhancements.
  • First release.
Ver. 2.6.97 2015/12/02
  • Line loads did not always generate the correct shell point loads, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.96 2015/11/20
  • Improved intersection calculations for short beam lengths.
  • Zero area element checks on meshes now very severe (all edges smaller than 1e-3 are removed).
Ver. 2.6.95 2015/10/23
  • Added import to level option for DWG imports.
Ver. 2.6.94 2015/09/30
  • Added printing to level views.
Ver. 2.6.93 2015/09/17
  • 3D meshes failed intersection tests in some cases, corrected.
  • Slab constraints are now included in point connection tests (meshing).
Ver. 2.6.92 2015/09/15
  • Additional error checking added to column sections.
  • Beta angle calculation was incorrect for inverted node numbers on vertical elements, corrected.
  • Meshing of point intersections on surface curves improved.
Ver. 2.6.91 2015/09/09
  • Meshing front was not properly cleared after meshing, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.90 2015/08/25
  • Fixed a memory leak in the surface intersection routine.
  • Sumo now bypasses the nodal numbering optimization for the Intel MKL solver.
Ver. 2.6.89 2015/08/23
  • Nearest and intersection snapping implemented all surface object (slabs, walls etc.) edges.
  • Added 'Auto split' property to line supports.
  • Improved meshing of imprecise input models.
Ver. 2.6.88 2015/08/11
  • Added NZ 3101 - 2006 to the concrete design links.
  • Some concrete code of practice names were exported in uppercase, corrected.
  • Adjusted polygon tolerances for meshing.
  • Removed opening inclusion test during mesh pre-processing.
Ver. 2.6.87 2015/08/04
  • Sumo now checks limits on concrete cover before attemtping a reinforcement design.
Ver. 2.6.86 2015/07/30
  • Relaxed tolerances for vertical element checks during analysis.
  • Advanced solver settings now available in the user interface.
Ver. 2.6.85 2015/07/28
  • Beam detail view crashed Sumo if no load cases were selected, corrected.
  • Monolithic beam now listed on the graphics options property page.
Ver. 2.6.84 2015/07/20
  • Line loads generated a spurious error message during analysis in a few particular situations.
Ver. 2.6.83 2015/07/15
  • Improved speed during load input.
  • Second-order analysis did not handle beam tensile forces correctly in all cases, corrected.
  • Fixed intermittent crashes due to load combination rendering.
Ver. 2.6.82 2015/06/30
  • Added support for section database file format change.
Ver. 2.6.81 2015/06/08
  • Adjusted slab-beam mesh connections.
  • Additional error checking during mesh seaming.
Ver. 2.6.80 2015/05/05
  • Adjusted OpenGL initialisation settings.
Ver. 2.6.79 2015/04/22
  • Animation of reinforcement contours (and Wood-Armer moments) doubled the displayed contour value, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.78 2015/04/09
  • Design link export to Steel Member for Combined Stress did not export the beam distributed loads correctly.
Ver. 2.6.77 2015/04/07
  • Copying lines in the section table crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Additional error checking on model data file before analysis.
  • Bug in extruded and revolved surface drawing tools crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Extruded surface objects crashed Sumo on model close if the generator curve was copied (from beams, columns etc.), corrected.
  • Open detail view windows crashed Sumo on model rendering, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.76 2015/03/18
  • Adjusted intersection tolerances.
Ver. 2.6.75 2015/03/10
  • Added snap icons (on cursor) to grip drag operations.
  • Overlapping line loads with different directions produced a modelling error, corrected.
  • Added overlap checks to point, line and plane area supports.
  • Sumo now prioritises coincident supports in the following order: point, line and plane area.
  • Skinned surfaces often caused crashes on application exit, corrected.
  • Meshing: Improved seaming operations near fixed boundaries.
  • Improved planar error checking: Slabs, plane shells, area supports and area loads.
  • Base design link: Steel strength was incorrectly read from the registry as well as design files, corrected.
  • Base design link: Dialog values are now dynamically read from, and written to, the registry during a Sumo session.
  • Sumo 64 bit now launches Frame 64 bit when exporting.
  • Modal analysis: Maximum number of iterations check was too small, corrected.
  • Point load arrowheads changed to cones.
  • Improved curve intersection checking.
  • Geometric transformations on a point load now transform the force and moment vectors also, not just the point.
  • Line connections on the edges of meshable objects incorrectly handled during meshing (introduced v2.6.74).
Ver. 2.6.74 2015/03/02
  • Point load positions were incorrect after a first non-linear analysis run (re-analyse and export).
  • Non-linear analysis beam geometric stiffness contained incorrect terms, led to solutions that were too stiff.
  • Mesh pre-processing added unnecessarily short edges to the mesh, corrected.
  • Quadrilateral collapse near boundaries added to mesh topological optimization.
  • Split quadrilateral mesh operation generated invalid triangles in some situations, corrected.
  • Tab selection required a mousemove before left click responded, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.73 2015/02/16
  • Copying loads that form part of a load combination occasionally caused Sumo to crash, corrected.
  • Point load over column footprint on slab was not part of the analysis and did not produce an error, corrected.
  • Import sections dialog did not display the default country, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.72 2015/02/12
  • Line support export to Frame failed due to unused orientation nodes (introduced 2.6.71), corrected.
Ver. 2.6.71 2015/02/10
  • Orientation vector property of pad footing incorrectly applied if the footing was at an elevation other than zero, corrected.
  • Rotated supports with less than all three translations fixed did not analyse properly, corrected.
  • Rotated supports produced a critical error (unconnected nodes) on export to Frame, corrected.
  • Orientation node of unrotated supports now forced to 0 when exporting to Frame.
Ver. 2.6.70 2015/02/09
  • Corrected discretisation bug with line load connections to multiple objects.
  • Harmonic analysis: rotated support resultants in reported global axes instead of local, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.69 2015/02/02
  • Corrected keyboard event handling bug.
  • Zero forces sometimes transferred as undefined numbers to the design links.
  • Base plate design link exported the torsion moment instead of the strong-axis moment, corrected.
  • Base plate design link exported the column as web horizontal instead of web vertical, corrected.
  • Added an orientation vector property to the pad footing object.
  • Failure in loading the DWG engine crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.68 2015/01/22
  • Changing section colours fired an undo entry for tension only (required one extra undo to roll back the color change), corrected.
  • More robust input mode switching.
Ver. 2.6.67 2015/01/07
  • Fixed sections not displayed in the section table (bug introduced 2.6.66).
Ver. 2.6.66 2015/01/06
  • Fixed tooltip on the diagrammatic model ribbon button.
  • Toggling load case or combination visibility did not update the view property palette, corrected.
  • Load combination display ignored type visibility settings, corrected.
  • Load combinations in a buckling analysis caused SQL errors, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.65 2014/12/18
  • Memory leaks fixed.
  • After a window selection, snapping and selection highlighting no longer functioned, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.64 2014/12/03
  • Added "Auto split" property to rigid links.
  • Added tensile contributions to geometric stiffness matrix (buckling analysis).
  • Corrected shell geometric stiffness matrix (buckling analysis).
  • Corrected shell tangent stiffness matrix (second-order analysis).
Ver. 2.6.63 2014/11/10
  • Undo without a subsequent mouse movement occasionally caused a crash, corrected.
  • Changing load case visibility during load input occasionally caused a crash, corrected.
  • Distributed loading input did not always update load combination display, corrected.
  • Modal analysis with second-order effects crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Trim command did not highlight objects properly, corrected.
  • Ending a trim command without trimming any objects occasionally crashed Sumo later in the session, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.62 2014/10/29
  • Harmonic load case errors sometimes caused crashes during Frame model imports, corrected.
  • Construction line rendering did not always update correctly in a level view, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.61 2014/10/23
  • Faster tessellation of 3D graphics.
  • Faster selection previews and mouse tracking.
  • Faster object input in large models.
  • Results view background colour was occasionally undefined, corrected.
  • Reactions not reported for line supports, corrected (introduced 2.6.59).
Ver. 2.6.60 2014/10/14
  • Various memory leaks eliminated.
  • Added session logging.
  • Various memory leaks eliminated.
Ver. 2.6.59 2014/10/13
  • Modal and buckling analyses now use MKL solvers.
  • Stiffening effect of axial tension added to beam elements for the buckling analysis.
  • Sumo crashed when changing load combination factors, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.58 2014/10/08
  • Various memory leaks eliminated.
  • Checks on slabs and plane shells originating from external software now more robust.
  • Line loads on slabs, plane shells and walls were only correctly added for the first analysis in a Sumo session, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.57 2014/10/02
  • Sumo crashed after loading models with a large number of objects, corrected.
  • Sumo occasionally crashed on closing a level view, corrected.
  • Various memory leaks eliminated.
  • Added additional error checking to the line load object.
Ver. 2.6.56 2014/09/29
  • Load sum for point loads corrected.
  • Load sum for beam loads corrected.
Ver. 2.6.55 2014/09/16
  • Corrected section table export to Frame Analysis.
  • Corrected beam release export to Frame Analysis.
  • If beams releases were present in a model, erroneous instabilities were reported.
  • Added diagram rendering for various objects in a level view.
  • Corrected selection and snapping for various objects in a level view.
  • Corrected section table export to Frame Analysis.
  • Corrected beam release export to Frame Analysis.
  • If beams were present in a model, version 2.6.54 erroneously indicated instabilities.
Ver. 2.6.54 2014/09/10
  • Tension only element behaviour improved.
  • Surface intersection tolerances relaxed, caused problems with spline with more than 50 000 control points.
  • Added four new end-release options for linear elements.
  • Slab curve loop tolerances relaxed.
  • Load sum was incorrect if partial beam loads were used, corrected.
  • Added the plane area support object to level rendering.
Ver. 2.6.53 2014/08/20
  • Construction lines were not selectable in level views, introduced version 2.6.51.
Ver. 2.6.52 2014/08/19
  • Added a "Tension only" setting to the sections table.
  • Improved Frame Analysis model imports containing beam loads.
Ver. 2.6.51 2014/08/14
  • Trimming beams and columns failed to trim hosted beam distributed and point loads, corrected.
  • Trimming columns crashed Sumo when closing the model or exiting the program, corrected.
  • Surface commands now support beams, monolithic beams, columns, rigid links and line supports.
  • Revolve curves command crashed Sumo if cancelled before completion, corrected.
  • Revolve curves command crashed Sumo if an invalid revolution axis was encountered, corrected.
  • Window selection in level views often selected hidden objects, corrected.
  • Node number gaps in a Frame Analysis model caused problems during import, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.50 2014/08/07
  • Occasional crash with trim operations involving construction lines corrected.
  • Improved bounds checking on certain meshing operations.
Ver. 2.6.49 2014/08/01
  • Occasional numerical instability when using rigid links corrected.
  • Partial update of Intel components.
Ver. 2.6.48 2014/06/12
  • The meshing process can now be interrupted.
  • Version display was blank after a File/New, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.47 2014/06/09
  • Improved drawing tools TAB behaviour.
  • Reactions results were always shown in kN and m units, corrected.
  • Rounding removed from beam force results display.
  • Load combinations did not display all included load cases, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.46 2014/05/14
  • Corrected bug report generation on application exit.
  • Corrected new model initialization errors.
  • Beam point load offsets now correctly exported to Steel Member Design for Combined Stress.
  • Steel Member Design for Combined Stress design link now supports partial beam loads also.
Ver. 2.6.45 2014/04/22
  • Rectangular Column Design link ignored axial tension in columns, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.44 2014/04/15
  • Adding second-order effects to a modal analysis crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Improvements to non-linear analysis.
Ver. 2.6.43 2014/04/01
  • Corrected local beam element orientations for curved beams.
  • Corrected the wglMakeCurrent OpenGL error message.
  • Graphically displayed value for beam torsion was incorrect.
  • Corrected envelope plotting for curved beams.
  • Limited number errors reported on non-convergent load cases to 10.
Ver. 2.6.42 2014/03/17
  • Corrected slab distributed load rendering.
  • Improved load combination rendering.
  • Column extension after insertion crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Corrected extents calculation for rigid links - caused erratic box selection behaviour.
Ver. 2.6.41 2014/03/04
  • Concrete shell design: BS 8110 and SABS 0100 were switched, introduced 2.6.40.
Ver. 2.6.40 2014/03/03
  • Corrected standard setting for shell reinforcement design, introduced with version 2.6.39.
  • Improved loop closure detection and correction (slabs, plane area loads and supports).
  • Corrected text rendering anomalies after changing units.
Ver. 2.6.39 2014/02/20
  • Removed Circular Column Design option from the design group table.
  • Corrected a problem with Rectangular Column Design link default values.
  • Disabled section and material table context menu items when no model is loaded.
  • Updated the Microsoft runtime.
Ver. 2.6.38 2014/02/10
  • Importing Frame Analysis models created two empty load cases, corrected.
  • Corrected finite element meshing problems on 64-bit machines.
  • Plane area supports failed to intersect properly, corrected.
  • Custom section processing now more fault tolerant.
  • Corrected Calcsheet problems on 64-bit machines.
Ver. 2.6.37 2014/01/30
  • Corrected a units initialization bug when exporting to the Rectangular Column Design module.
  • Corrected a multi-node export bug when exporting to the Rectangular Column Design module.
Ver. 2.6.36 2014/01/23
  • A time and date handling bug crashed Sumo for time zones UTC+12 and UTC+13, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.35 2014/01/15
  • Models with a large number of beam elements (>50) connecting to a common node crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.34 2014/01/09
  • Plane area support direction was incorrect, bug introduced with v2.6.33.
Ver. 2.6.33 2013/12/23
  • Modified Intel MKL usage slightly.
  • Base design link switched the signs of the two horizontal shear forces, corrected.
  • Corrected occasional crash when switching models.
Ver. 2.6.32 2013/12/10
  • Displayed unit for elasticity modulus was incorrect if the length unit was set to mm.
  • Added strength and non-linear data import for all materials.
  • Analysed flag kept reverting to "Not Analysed", corrected.
  • Analysed date now stored for the model.
  • Designed date now stored for design groups.
  • Base design group now persists standard name and reinforcement data.
  • Design groups now display a warning is the designed date is earlier than the analysis date.
  • Added support for importing AutoCAD® 2013 and 2014 drawings.
  • Added material property to the pad footing object.
  • Rectangular Column Design group added (round-trip design).
  • Design links now supports units other than the defaults.
  • More complete support for US customary units.
  • Corrected partial line load import form Frame Analysis.
  • Corrected US customary unit import from Frame Analysis.
  • Complete update of Intel MKL Library components.
Ver. 2.6.31 2013/11/14
  • Analysis model auditors now limited to 50 errors per check.
  • Shell meshes were not correctly imported from Frame Analysis (gaps in the node number sequence), corrected.
  • Line loads on monolithic beams crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Various problems with tapered beam elements corrected.
  • Added strength data import and saving for concrete materials.
  • Sumo now issues a critical error if the entire length of a line load is not applied to elements.
Ver. 2.6.30 2013/11/07
  • Empty contour range dialog corrected.
  • Corrected unresponsive drawing tools.
  • Copying a hosted object with an invalid host crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Added additional data to the analytical supports table.
  • Sumo now writes shell load input data to database during analysis.
  • Equilibrium check data added to results.
  • Object copies neglected group, design group, name and notes properties - corrected.
  • Improved command implementation w.r.t. reference objects.
  • Monolithic beam object auto split corrected.
  • Corrected crash after copying loads with load combination display turned on.
  • Corrected undo stack corruption when cancelling the draw or modify slab command.
  • Hosted loads are now deleted when the host is deleted.
  • Beam point loads on nodes are now converted to nodal loads for analysis.
  • Optimised the writing of shell results.
  • Sumo crashed during box selection and view switching after importing a Frame Analysis model, corrected.
  • Sumo crashed during the trim command if nodes were selected, corrected.
  • Mirror and rotate now update the rotation angle of beam, monolithic beam and column objects.
  • Support added for the modified material database file format.
Ver. 2.6.29 2013/10/14
  • Added memory allocation checks for ColSol solver.
  • Corrected contour range problem in modal and buckling analyses.
  • Added end and mid-snapping to plane area support.
  • Plane area loads and supports can now be mirrored.
  • Improved plane area and line support intersection behaviour.
  • Added mesh constraint curves to slabs.
  • Fixed section import bug that crashed Sumo.
  • Added checks for invalid section data from the section database.
Ver. 2.6.28 2013/09/27
  • Corrected local beam/column axis orientation calculation after editing.
  • Corrected moment/shear display of beams/columns with internal point and distributed loads.
  • Element quality checks added to automatic meshing.
  • Table exports to Excel no supports unlimited number of rows.
  • Added contour range setting feature to results views.
Ver. 2.6.27 2013/09/18
  • Various meshing improvements.
  • Corrected unresponsive multiple point support and pad footing commands.
  • Partial update of Intel MKL Library components.
Ver. 2.6.26 2013/09/16
  • Slab UDL did not update its display to new or modified slab edges, corrected.
  • Various meshing improvements.
  • Added a check for invalid elements after meshing.
  • Check model stopped prematurely when set to buckling analysis, corrected.
  • Level table number columns sorted as text, corrected.
  • Improved the command system.
Ver. 2.6.25 2013/09/04
  • Right clicking in the non-data area of the load combination table crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Added shear areas to the section table.
  • Changing the view type in a construction line command crashed Sumo, corrected (introduced 2.6.24).
  • Importing a Sumo model now merges the two databases.
  • Invalid shells are not added to the analysis model and no longer generate critical errors.
  • Changes to a connected object erroneously cleared mesh tessellations on all object connections, corrected.
  • Level extent display corrected.
  • Corrected crash when using keyboard input.
Ver. 2.6.24 2013/09/02
  • Corrected degenerate connection curve meshing error (caused crash).
  • Corrected buckling analysis with shells.
  • Removed redundant error checking for the "Send to Calcpad" command.
  • Plane area loads and supports no longer create nodes at boundary curve ends.
  • Construction lines accumulated in the input streams of level views, corrected.
  • View switching during an incomplete command led to open undo histories, corrected.
  • Improved display rebuild speed of slab distributed loads.
Ver. 2.6.23 2013/08/27
  • Corrected input update bug (introduced with version 2.6.22).
  • Removed a haunch limitation that prevented haunches deeper than the original section depth.
  • Non-linear analysis with shell elements crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Intermittent crashes after cancelling commands corrected.
  • Corrected various meshing errors (topological clean up).
  • Construction line input points added to the property palette.
Ver. 2.6.22 2013/08/22
  • Improved column footprint extraction for slab meshing.
  • Additional checking on walls prior to meshing.
  • The messages tab sometimes displayed errors on deleted objects, corrected.
  • Editing that caused node changes, crashed Sumo if the Find Node command was active, corrected.
  • Added more error checking to meshing operations.
  • Sumo now corrects boundary curves on slabs and plane shells imported from Revit®.
  • Corrected various meshing errors.
Ver. 2.6.21 2013/08/14
  • Corrected crash when viewing beam force results (introduced with version 2.6.19).
Ver. 2.6.20 2013/08/14
  • Corrected crash when viewing results (introduced with version 2.6.19).
Ver. 2.6.19 2013/08/14
  • Relaxed tolerances on line load to beam intersection tests.
  • Adding nodes to groups caused a crash after editing the model, corrected.
  • Additional error checking on property changes (opacity).
  • Find node command added.
Ver. 2.6.18 2013/08/05
  • Reaction results now support animation.
  • Wall base curve error tolerance relaxed.
  • Corrected errors with Frame Analysis model import related to missing node numbers.
Ver. 2.6.17 2013/07/25
  • Shells displacement factor was incorrect (display only) for buckling and modal analyses, corrected.
  • More robust intersection calculation.
  • Additional checking for deleted objects before analysis.
Ver. 2.6.16 2013/07/23
  • Corrected meshing error if bounding curves tessellation was uneven (triangles in output mesh).
  • Deflection output always showed the total, regardless of chosen component.
  • Sumo now supports model saving after analysis.
  • Improved mesh error checking.
  • Sumo sometimes crashed if a level view was closed while a command was active, corrected.
  • Additional error checking added to area supports and area loads.
  • More robust command input rendering.
  • Load case and combination changes now update the view palette.
  • Sumo sometimes crashed after using the selection filter, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.15 2013/07/17
  • Additional error checking before starting analyses.
  • Wall distributed loads rendered on the wrong side of the wall if the wall normal was flipped, corrected.
  • Columns without valid sections connected to slabs crashed Sumo during meshing, corrected.
  • Added the monolithic beam object.
  • Sumo now excludes uninitialised objects from extents calculations.
  • Added additional error checking to design commands.
  • Added additional error checking to model auditor.
  • Load combination display did not update properly, corrected.
  • Added multiplier properties to the shell forces and reaction output palettes.
  • Fixed convergence problem with shell models and buckling analyses.
  • Shell force results now supports animation.
Ver. 2.6.14 2013/07/03
  • Closing Sumo during an animation caused errors, corrected.
  • Corrected a problem with load combination rendering and line loads.
  • Design group table did not update after analysis completion, corrected.
  • Non-prismatic sections now excluded from intersections.
  • Removed limits on shell point loads.
  • Corrected connection problems with beams, columns and line loads.
Ver. 2.6.13 2013/06/12
  • Load cases and combinations can now be hidden or shown by using the Visible property in the Tables palette.
  • Hidden load cases are now automatically turned on when a load is added to it.
  • Loading colour can now be set by load case.
  • All reference list dropdowns are now sorted (e.g. load case dropdowns).
  • Modifying non-geometrical load properties no longer invalidates meshes.
  • Relaxed tolerances on plane shell and slab overlap checks.
  • Added labels to the plane area load, slab UDL load and wall UDL load.
Ver. 2.6.12 2013/06/03
  • Sumo crashed on dropped network connections during results display, corrected.
  • Temporarily removed the Meshing and Backup tabs from the Sumo options sheet.
  • Added additional error checking to the tabular results view.
  • Plane area loads and plane area supports can now be edited.
  • Plane area supports now interact with plane shells.
  • Eliminated rendering problems with circles, arcs, ellipses, elliptic arcs and splines.
Ver. 2.6.11 2013/05/27
  • Switching views while in certain commands crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Disabled OpenGL vertical sync for performance gains.
  • Additional error checking on the skinned surfaces command.
  • Sumo crashed if Unicode characters were used in the filename, corrected.
  • Analysis commands now only available when an editable window is active.
  • Mirror command on a plane area load crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Section and material database default paths now based on the executable location.
  • Template load failure crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.10 2013/05/20
  • Corrected the import of harmonic analysis settings for Frame Analysis models.
  • The Load Cases table now updates the visibility of columns based on the analysis type.
  • Enabled the opacity property of various Sumo objects.
  • Corrected an error that crashed Sumo when discretising very short line segments.
  • Deflections and beam forces for static analyses now support animation.
  • Corrected plane shell overlap checking.
  • Invalid plane shell objects crashed Sumo during input, corrected.
  • Refined connection algorithm for multiple point connections on curves.
  • Discretised wall position did not match the input wall position, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.09 2013/04/08
  • Added error checking to concrete reinforcement design parameters.
  • Corrected the plotting of reactions for rotated supports.
  • The "continue" option is now active by default for all plane area sketch commands.
  • Corrected errors in the discretisation of line loads that crashed Sumo.
Ver. 2.6.08 2013/03/20
  • Fixed an undo memory leak.
  • Sumo sometimes crashed when setting group visibility, corrected.
  • Sumo sometimes crashed after reporting on node errors, corrected.
  • Corrected length calculation on the same node check, beam length check and cable length check.
  • Added the plane shell object.
  • Shell convexity check crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Adding line loads in two different models in the same Sumo session caused a crash, corrected.
  • Added normal flipping (and display) to the wall object.
Ver. 2.6.07 2013/03/13
  • Corrected bug that crashed Sumo when closing a document, introduced with version 2.6.06.
Ver. 2.6.06 2013/03/13
  • Changed the timing of log messages during analysis slightly.
  • Assigning groups and design groups invalidated the analysis results, corrected.
  • Beam UDL, beam point load, slab and wall UDL preview invalidated analysis results and meshing, corrected.
  • A problem with the undo system caused a crash when analysing, corrected.
  • Changed the default name of groups and design groups.
  • Changing pad footing dimensions no longer invalidates the analysis (applies to design groups also).
  • Base design groups now retain previous design values (geometry and material parameters).
  • Base design link now preserves the most recently used parameter values.
  • Copying groups and design groups hung Sumo, corrected.
  • Corrected group and design group deletion bug.
  • Coincident nodes crashed Sumo on analysis, corrected.
  • Starting an analysis with results views and a level view open crashed Sumo, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.05 2013/02/28
  • Refinements to Frame Analysis model imports.
  • Added some features to facilitate automatic benchmarking.
  • Sumo now exports self-weight only cases correctly.
  • Sumo models can now be opened with a double click on the file.
  • Corrected reinforcement calculation.
  • Additional error checking on second order moment and shear plotting.
  • Added analysis model checking for solids.
  • Added analysis model checking for supports.
  • Added analysis model checking for sections.
  • Added analysis model checking for nodal loads.
  • Added analysis model checking for element loads.
  • Added analysis model checking for shell loads.
  • Moved the table context menu from left click to right click.
  • Corrected various issues with groups and design groups that caused crashes on closing models.
  • Sumo now aborts the analysis if database packing fails.
  • Removed rigid links from overlap checks.
Ver. 2.6.04 2013/02/12
  • Added additional error checking to the "Clear Results" command.
  • Slab and wall meshing now set the "Modified" and "Analysed" flags.
  • Added analysis model checking for nodes.
  • Sumo did not clear self weight setting when the option was unchecked, corrected.
  • Added analysis model checking for beam elements.
  • Added analysis model checking for cable elements.
  • Export of self weight case to Frame Analysis corrected.
  • Added analysis model checking for shells.
  • Rolled back Intel MKL Library update.
  • Support spring constants are now forced to zero if the support is not of the correct type.
  • Rolled back Intel MKL Library update.
Ver. 2.6.03 2013/02/06
  • Sumo now enforces the assumption that slabs are planar and horizontal.
  • Corrected section orientation mismatch between the volumetric and diagrammatic views for beams and columns.
  • Improved intersection algorithm for multiple loads on the same curve or point.
  • Sumo now waits for initialization to complete before enabling the close button.
  • Improved error handling for overlapping slabs.
  • Updated Intel MKL Library (solver).
  • Corrected local axis z-direction for topology curve sweeps.
  • Updated Intel MKL Library.
Ver. 2.6.02 2013/02/04
  • Updated the bug reporting library.
  • Corrected copying of plane area supports.
  • Rebuild for new exception reporting system.
  • Rebuild for new exception reporting system.
Ver. 2.6.01 2013/01/29
  • Corrected intersection errors that usually occurred only when using the "Regenerate Model" command.
  • Corrected import of haunched elements from Frame.
  • Corrected wall distributed load rendering anomalies.
  • Connection graph retained object maps if the objects were deleted in groups, corrected.
  • Corrected nodal insertions of point lads not marked "Insert node".
  • Corrected spurious error message on model load: "Linear extents of model exceed 1 000m".
  • Added an additional curve check to the slab drawing tools.
  • Sumo crashed on subsequent load cases if an error was encountered on the initial compilation of the stiffness matrix, corrected.
Ver. 2.6.00 2013/01/11
  • Changed the default for load cases and load combinations.
  • Implemented line copying for the load case table and load combination table.
  • Frame import improved.
  • Added a check for zero area finite elements.
  • Implemented row duplication and deletion in the input tables.
  • Various small meshing improvements.
  • Changed default section naming from "Unnamed" to "Sec_#".
  • Version recompile.
Ver. 2.5.40 2012/11/26
  • The TAB key can now be used to navigate tables.
  • Implemented copy and paste in the input tables (right click menu and CTRL+C and CTRL+V).
  • Floating context menus added to tables.
  • Load cases, Levels and Groups were not properly integrated into the undo system.
  • Dragging with left mouse button panned the windows in stead of selecting after switching from the results view to the main model view, corrected.
  • Window frames (other than the main model) could sometimes not be moved, corrected.
Ver. 2.5.39 2012/11/19
  • Plane area loads are now snapable.
  • Overlapping beam lines were incorrectly discretized during meshing.
  • Model instabilities often caused a crash after analysis failure.
  • Copying pad footings did not copy all properties.
Ver. 2.5.38 2012/11/14
  • Selection preview now also states the object type and name at the bottom of the window.
  • Sumo crashed if the triangulation of a slab or wall failed, corrected.
  • A bug introduced with version 2.5.35 led to meshing problems if slab loops were not defined in a head-to-tail arrangement, corrected.
Ver. 2.5.37 2012/11/08
  • Sumo crashed in some commands while switching view type, corrected.
  • Additional error checking on beam point loads.
  • Sumo crashed if a level outline was deleted in the level view itself, corrected.
  • Polar copy, Array copy, Mirror and Offset now support hosted objects.
  • The TAB key now cycles through objects under the cursor in selection mode.
Ver. 2.5.36 2012/11/01
  • Meshing can now be stopped (on a per object basis) by pressing the cancel button.
  • Analysis cancellation temporarily disabled.
  • Sumo sometimes crashed while closing if a command was active, corrected.
  • Added curve validation to slab objects.
  • Beams, columns and line supports with invalid layout curves now bypass intersection testing.
  • Under certain conditions, setting the visibility of Groups and Design Groups crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Better support for non-rational splines.
Ver. 2.5.35 2012/10/25
  • Selecting "Measure distance" on a view other than the Main Model view crashed Sumo, corrected.
  • Beam loads were not correctly imported from Frame, bug introduced with the previous version of Sumo.
  • Corrected display of torsion moments.
  • Corrected crash while selecting properties in the filter dialogs.
  • Rigid links now support beam point loads and beam distributed loads.
  • Improved command switching in outline commands (Slab, Area Supports and Area Loads).
  • Added error checking to meshing to intercept invalid walls and slabs.
  • The "Check Model" and "Solve" command now set the checked and analysis status to false before starting.
  • Deletion of a self weight only case did not invalidate the analysis status.
  • More robust loop building for the "Slab", "Area Load" and "Area Support" commands.
  • Improved the discritization of line loads.
  • Improved the loop building routines of the trimming tools.
Ver. 2.5.34 2012/10/18
  • Distance tolerance of the model now matches the tolerance of the analytical model (led to node number mismatches previously).
  • Improved object change notifications.
  • Added support for the Frame v2.5.46 file format.
  • Added more error checking to basic mesh operations.
  • Added more error checking the model close operation.
  • Sumo now closes output windows immediately when the analysis status changes.
  • Invalid deflection calculation with multiple "Check Model" commands corrected.
Ver. 2.5.33 2012/10/10
  • Meshing errors now at least generates a partial mesh.
  • Slight change to message timing after meshing is completed.
  • Plane area loads connected to elements other than walls and slabs, corrected.
  • Large sizes for meshes sometimes led to triangles bounded by boundary edges and a meshing failure, now creates a mixed mesh.
  • Sumo crashed when insufficient memory was available for the analysis, corrected.
  • Increased the in-core memory use limit to 3GB for the Intel MKL solver.
Ver. 2.5.32 2012/09/21
  • Fixed crash related to non-opened results views.
  • Corrected moment and shear diagrams of beams with no axial force.
  • Corrected software hang when viewing circular beam results.
Ver. 2.5.31 2012/09/18
  • Improved invalid loop correction during meshing.
  • Sumo now imports/exports partial beam loads from/to Frame Analysis.
  • Hosted loads can now be copied along with their hosts using the Copy and Linear Copy commands.
Ver. 2.5.30 2012/09/11
  • Corrected the display of weak axis beam shear forces and bending moments for a second-order analysis.
  • Improved error checking for line extensions.
  • Fixed crash during export to Excel.
Ver. 2.5.29 2012/09/07
  • Corrected object copy error introduced with the previous release.
Ver. 2.5.28 2012/09/03
  • Additional error checking when offsetting objects.
  • Corrected second-order fixed end moments for axial tension and the fixed-pinned case.
  • Meshes containing triangular elements did not convert to slabs properly, corrected.
  • Mesh to slab conversion now optimises the number of linear slab curves.
  • Intersection testing between 3D meshes and curve-based objects caused a crash.
Ver. 2.5.27 2012/08/20
  • Corrected crash while drawing reference axes.
  • Corrected crash when deleting object list entries in the message table.
  • Corrected line load placement on multiple slabs.
  • Incorrect own weight when exporting to Strut and Combine corrected.
  • Incorrect load combination export to Strut and Combine corrected.
  • Improved modelling speed with medium and large models.
  • Fixed beam selections for beams with invalid sections.
Ver. 2.5.26 2012/08/20
  • Beam detail view command is now only availabale after analysis results are available.
  • Line load command now adds a default loadcase if none are present.
  • Line loads can now be added without inserting nodes and without modification to FE meshes.
  • Column bounding boxes are now used for cutting slab meshes.
  • Corrected beam distributed loads intersecting with beams other than its parent.
  • Various improvements to beam force plots.
  • Corrected crash while drawing construction lines.
Ver. 2.5.25 2012/07/02
  • Corrected meshing problem due to reversed circular arcs.
  • Running the slab command with model curves selected, copies the curves into the new slab outline.
  • Corrected hang when adding slabs to complex column and slab intersections.
  • Beams with invalid sections crashed Sumo on re-opening the model.
  • Columns with invalid sections did not flag the error on the messages table.
  • Added resizing arrows to the main Sumo window.
  • Corrected problems with objects connected to slabs and walls, sometimes retaining the previous mesh intervals.
  • Imported meshes from Frame now intersect with native Sumo objects.
  • Point loads can now be added without inserting nodes and without modification to FE meshes.
Ver. 2.5.24 2012/06/22
  • Invalid Line supports, columns and line load crashed Sumo when copied.
  • Box selections of line supports corrected.
  • Corrected an updating bug during object input that caused a crash on deletion of objects.
  • Changed the default column colour to "By Section".
  • Added additional error checking to the Apex design link.
  • Improved recovery from saving errors.
  • Corrected tapered beam errors.
  • Property palette now updates property enabled status as well.
  • Enhanced meshing for columns on slab re-entrant corners.
  • Improved loading delay introduced by the previous update.
Ver. 2.5.23 2012/06/19
  • Relaxed dimensional tolerances on slab overlap checks.
  • Added a line load object.
  • Added an import Sumo database feature.
  • Corrected problem with the message table that interfered with object connectivity.
  • Changed bug report wording.
  • Multi-select by control-click duplicated sub-object selection.
  • Boxing selections selected invisible objects also - corrected.
  • Added a model check feature for static analyses.
  • Elements with no structural connections were orphaned after a save and reload.
  • Connection graph attempted to intersect elements with themselves during a file load of an incomplete model.
Ver. 2.5.22 2012/06/08
  • Text was incorrectly occluded in sliced views - corrected.
  • More checks added for the Frame export command.
  • Maximum axial force now used for the column design links rather than the force at the top of the column.
  • Added All, None and Invert buttons to all filter dialogs.
  • Snap settings moved to statusbar.
  • Point loads closer than the mesh size to slab edges often caused unconnected nodes - corrected.
Ver. 2.5.21 2012/06/01
  • Various errors corrected w.r.t. to filtering of the results grid.
  • Corrected an occasional crash ofter copying slabs and walls.
  • Duplicate nodes caused a mismatch between output node numbers and displayed node numbers - corrected.
  • Improved error checking for invalid beam data.
  • Coordinate entry on level views now also constrained to level elevation.
  • Deleting nodes in a level view crashed Sumo - corrected.
Ver. 2.5.20 2012/05/29
  • Model errors persisted on the message table after errors were corrected.
  • Recursive meshing problem fixed.
  • Slow editing of slabs intersected by a large number of columns improved.
  • Column design links did not properly number loadcases, leading to a incorrect (conservative) accumulation of load.
  • Multi-choice selection properties bug introduced with version 2.5.19 corrected.
  • Load objects now support colour changes.
Ver. 2.5.19 2012/05/23
  • Corrected occasional crash when closing level views.
  • Corrected crash opening views with context ribbons while a command is active.
  • Non linear analysis added.
  • Improved error checking when opening grid views.
  • Version date added to the About box.
  • About box can now be displayed from the application menu and help from the ribbon bar.
  • Model auditing after file load added.
  • Meshing on slabs sometimes failed when meshing around circular columns intersected by beams or walls - corrected.
  • Editing in die main window now updates the property palette dynamically.
  • Reference axis table now updates properly when new axes are added.
Ver. 2.5.18 2012/05/16
  • Added plane area support object.
  • Modified the calling procedure for external applications such as Frame.
Ver. 2.5.17 2012/04/26
  • Deflections for combinations were shown in system units (m).
  • Sending a detail view to Excel crashed Sumo.
Ver. 2.5.16 2012/04/19
  • Improved loading of damaged files.
  • Corrected a moment display error when beam point loads are placed on multi-part beam objects.
  • Enabled spring support import from Frame Analysis files.
  • Corrected loading of results from file with regards to sections.
  • Removed internal displacement calculations for beams and columns.
  • Added a segments property to beams and columns which adds extra nodes at equally spaced positions.
Ver. 2.5.15 2012/04/11
  • Improved connection updating for line supports.
  • Corrected meshing errors.
  • Improved error checking during modelling for interception of invalid data.
  • Converting circular arcs to beam objects crashed Sumo - corrected.
  • Opening a model containing invalid circles crashed Sumo - corrected.
  • Fixed intermittent crash when closing a level view.
  • Sumo now prevents the moving or copying of hosted loads (slab UDL, wall UDL, beam UDL and beam point load).
  • Walls can now be extended, trimmed, offset and mirrored.
  • Attempting solid unions of non-solid and non-surface objects crashed Sumo - corrected.
  • Design link to Apex, BeamCol, Cleat, EndPlate and FinPlate crashed Sumo if the element list was empty - corrected.
  • Deletion of loadcases and subsequent deletions of loads sometimes caused a crash - corrected.
Ver. 2.5.14 2012/03/29
  • Corrected circle import from DWG bug.
  • Added additional error checking to the wall object.
  • Relaxed tolerance checking on nodal coordinates for analysis.
  • Improved connection updating for supports.
Ver. 2.5.13 2012/03/22
  • Construction line command crashed Sumo if the previous command was not explicitly cancelled.
  • Reference axis command crashed Sumo if the previous command was not explicitly cancelled.
Ver. 2.5.12 2012/03/16
  • DWG import (Layers, lines, arcs and circles).
Ver. 2.5.11 2012/03/13
  • Fixed a bug that refused a license if the installation path contained spaces.
  • Fixed a bug that crashed Sumo when a section assigned to an invalid beam, was modified.
  • Added additional information in the error messages.
  • Corrected license update for multi-user installations.
Ver. 2.5.10 2012/03/06
  • Corrected an issue with Frame file imports where the Frame model contained beam point loads.
  • Added a unit switching feature for length units.
  • Corrected an undo\redo error when changing level view depths.
  • Object grip handling somewhat more robust.
  • Removed self-intersection testing from line supports.
  • Corrected an intermittent crash on exit.
  • Corrected mouse position updating bug in the surface modelling commands.
  • Corrected a coordinate entry bug in the point support command.
  • Improved spline drawing command.
  • Import sections/materials always opened the database in the user folder instead of the path specified, fixed.
  • Improved view (Model, Level etc.) switching with active commands.
  • Improved view type (Volumnetric, Analytical etc.) switching with active commands.
  • Improved meshing.
Ver. 2.5.09 2012/02/24
  • Added distributed loading for wall objects.
  • Added tolerance to shell verticality check (results graphics).
  • Added more error checking to the selection preview process.
  • Printing of the results view caused a crash if axial forces were visible.
  • Added error correction features to incomplete slabs loaded from file.
Ver. 2.5.08 2012/02/22
  • Sumo was unstable when the main model window was closed before any other open windows, corrected.
  • Selection filter now limits the object types that can be converted beam elements.
  • Beam conversion know selects the last section added rather than the default section.
  • Closing a window with a command active, caused a crash if that command was used in another window.
  • Changing the view type in the middle of a drawing command crashed Sumo.
Ver. 2.5.07 2012/02/21
  • Imposed limits on message table deletions.
  • Added curve validity checks to beams, columns and line supports.
  • Modified the searching procedure for finding Prokon installation paths.
  • Improved error checking before exporting models to Prokon Frame Analysis.
  • Improved error checking in the Plane Area load and Slab commands.
  • Sumo now imposes a 65 535 number of rows limit when exporting to Excel.
Ver. 2.5.06 2012/02/17
  • Line support graphics now update properly after modification.
  • Added trimming capabilities to the Wall object.
  • Added end and mid snap points to the top of wall objects.
Ver. 2.5.05 2012/02/15
  • Removed redundant button on the property palette.
  • Removed default materials when adding sections.
  • Sumo now updates load objects after changing the load size multiplier on the Settings property page.
  • Point loads now have a non-zero default value.
  • Improved the performance of surface-surface intersections.
  • Column tool now properly supports keyboard input.
  • Pad footing tool now properly supports keyboard input.
  • Spline objects now support non-rational curves.
Ver. 2.5.04 2012/02/13
  • Improved error checking for the Column tool.
  • Corrected an error with beam point loads in the case of reversed node order.
  • Corrected an error with multiple beam distributed loads on the same beam.
  • Corrected a Slab mirror problem.
Ver. 2.5.03 2012/02/09
  • Opening invalid files caused a crash.
  • Pressing "Accept" in the Plane Area Load command with no curves entered caused a crash.
  • Removed the views toolbar.
  • Corrected errors in results when using shells in a buckling analysis.
  • Corrected errors in results when performing a non-linear analysis.
  • Added support for older Frame Analysis files.
  • Corrected path processing for installation paths that contain spaces.
Ver. 2.5.02 2012/02/06
  • Added support for LiveUpdate.
  • Added support for pinched openings, e.g. 2 rectangular openings touching at a corner.
  • Added support for LiveUpdate.
  • Added support for LiveUpdate.
Ver. 2.5.01 2012/02/02
  • Initial Release.
  • Initial Release.