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A03H: Frame Analysis 32-bit Help

Ver. 3.1.03 2019/10/23
  • Folded relevant information into new Guidelines for Dynamic Analysis topic.
Ver. 3.1.02 2019/04/02
  • Fixed broken full-text search.
Ver. 3.1.01 2019/02/15
  • Added theoretical limitations for evaluating effective modal mass (participating mass).
Ver. 3.1.00 2019/02/14
  • Expanded explanation for choosing minimum number of dynamic mode shapes with reference to effective modal mass (participating mass).
Ver. 3.0.10 2018/05/09
  • Corrected comment on modelling of tapered shell elements.
Ver. 3.0.09 2018/04/25
  • Corrected the explanation of the initial length Lo of cable element.
Ver. 3.0.08 2018/03/28
  • Linked instructions for entering haunched sections and tapered elements.
Ver. 3.0.07 2017/08/21
  • Added information on entering ending stage for transient nodal, beam or shell load.
Ver. 3.0.06 2017/08/03
  • Added more information on for shrinkage modelling during stage analysis.
  • Added information on automatic stages for supports if stage input is left blank.
Ver. 3.0.05 2017/08/02
  • Added information on stage analysis.
  • Removed references to using ProDESK with AutoCAD.
Ver. 3.0.04 2017/01/12
  • Added note on floating point precision for MKL solver.
Ver. 3.0.03 2017/01/12
  • Corrected explanation of load factors under seismic analysis; clarified that load cases contributing to dynamic mass are not factored.
Ver. 3.0.02 2016/09/20
  • Added references for shell element formulation and Wood-Armer equations.
  • Added information on Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) shell finite elements..
  • Corrected explanation of self-weight modelling for shell elements.
  • Corrected explanation of self-weight modelling for columns.
Ver. 3.0.01 2016/08/31
  • Improved guideline for developing a finite element layout.
  • Corrected grammatical errors in discussion of non-linear analysis setting.
Ver. 3.0.00 2015/12/17
  • Corrected "no topic found" error when searching.
Ver. 2.6.10 2015/02/23
  • Added descriptions for translucent graphics option and background colour.
  • Corrected font formatting for tables describing toolbars.
Ver. 2.6.09 2015/01/26
  • Added discussion of load combination naming limitations.
Ver. 2.6.08 2015/01/15
  • Expanded description of buckling analysis.
Ver. 2.6.07 2014/08/06
  • Expanded discussion of beam orientation input.
  • Corrected example for beam orientation input.
Ver. 2.6.06 2013/09/26
  • Corrected definition of local axes for vertical beam elements.
  • Corrected contradicting definitions of local beam loads in L and K directions.
  • Reworked explanations of input for shell elements and shell loads.
  • Corrected minor errors in explanations for input of beam elements and beam loads.
Ver. 2.6.05 2013/09/05
  • Cleaned up information on releasing beam end fixity (Beams and Cable Elements Input).
Ver. 2.6.03 2013/02/20
  • Added instructions for updating network installations.
  • Corrected references to chapters (from old printed manual).
  • Updated terminology related to tabs.
  • Minor formatting improvements.
Ver. 2.6.02 2013/02/14
  • New content:Adding text and graphics.
  • Linked Equation Editor Help.
Ver. 2.6.01 2013/02/12
  • Corrected graphic for beam element local axes sign convention (x and z-axes were swapped).
  • More information links added for topics under "Viewing the model".
Ver. 2.6.00 2013/01/10
  • Updated concrete design codes.
  • Minor navigation improvements.
  • Variables update to version 2.6 and year 2013.
Ver. 2.5.03 2012/09/26
  • Revamp of Beam Section Input topic.
Ver. 2.5.02 2012/09/20
  • Corrected link to Introduction for context ID 500.
  • Formatting improvement for Model Input Overview topic.
Ver. 2.5.01 2012/09/06
  • Inclusion in InetSync.
  • Conversion to MadCap Flare.
  • Added information for new beam releases.
  • Added information for partial UDLS.
  • Enhancements and corrections.