Current Issues

OpenGL and graphics driver compatibility
Program does not show text correctly
Troubleshooting License Manager connection problems
Program does not display on the screen

Installation & Upgrading

Virus reported for PROKON DVD-ROM, LiveUpdate or Service Pack
Using Live Update with a local file repository
Updating License Manager after maintenance has expired
PROKON installation folder
Using PROKON on a VPN

License Issues

Troubleshooting License Manager connection problems
License Manager mini-installation for Account Administrators
License Manager required for PROKON ver. 3.1

Local Licenses (old system)

Sharing a PROKON license among multiple users
How to activate a PROKON license

General Issues

Cannot view Help
Error code 5
Clearing the Windows TEMP folder
OpenGL and graphics driver compatibility
Program does not show text correctly


Unexpected moment forces from Frame Analysis
Alignment of beam elements
Shell local axes
Tension-Only and Compression-Only Elements in Sumo
Relationship between Second Order & Buckling Analysis

Steel Member Design

Designing castellated steel beams
Unable to design certain types of sections
Unexpected result: the heavier section fails, while the lighter section passes.
S01 – Laterally Unsupported design approach
Should I use Strut or Combine?

Steel Connection Design

Bolt configuration of Beam Column Design and End Plate Design
Steel Design Links From Frame
Applied Load Remains Constant Even When Changing the Applied Moment
Beam to column-web moment connection

Concrete Design

Effective shear
Long term deflections do not adjust for entered reinforcement
Perceived Difference In Hydrostatic pressures (Program vs. Conventional Calculation)
Bearing Pressure Calculation
Passive Pressure Calculation Considering Seepage

Timber design

Adding custom sections in Timber Member design
Load Duration Factor, k1 (SABS 0163 – 2: 2001 Allowable Stress Design)
Allowable stress design in Timber

Masonry Design

Masonry Wall Design – Dead Load Calculation – Lateral Loads on panels

CAD and Detailing

NTVDM errors with Padds
Bending schedule generation produces errors or doesn’t work
What is Section Mapping?
Unable to interchange IFC files between Sumo and Revit
Analytical Model Categories for SUMO/Frame Model Generation

General Applications

Customising the Section Database
Enormous wind pressures when using BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 + A1:2010 outside the UK
What is Section Mapping?

Geotechnical Analysis

Case Study: Reliability Analysis of a Soil Slope

Reference Data

Elastic Properties of Soils