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Modular Architecture

The PROKON suite is modular, yet integrated. Some modules can be used stand-alone, or in conjunction with others. The suite offers a powerful workflow from structural analysis, steel and concrete design, and detailing.

You can use the Concrete Base Design module, for example, on its own or link to it from the Frame Analysis results to have all the design loads entered automatically. Likewise, you can manually detail a concrete footing in Padds, or design the footing in the Concrete Base Design module and have it generate a drawing and bending schedule for you.

Analysis Design Detail Integration

When it comes to ordering PROKON, you can include only those modules that you really need. There is no need to order an pay for modules for which you have no use. You also have the option of two program sets in your license: to different selections of modules, customised to your unique requirements. For example, one set of module may be geared for your steel designers (e.g. Frame Analysis plus some steel design modules) and the other set for your concrete designers and detailers (Frame Analysis plus some concrete design modules and Padds). This flexibility allows your to minimise your financial expense while still maintaining optimum work flow between team members.