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Version of 3.0 of PROKON┬« Structural Analysis and Design is now available. The new version is the culmination of a long list of new features and enhancements developed in recent months.

Highlights of the new version:

  • Updated for compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Updated look and feel.
  • New ribbon user interface for enhanced productivity in select modules, including Frame Analysis.
  • Functional and visual improvements to Sumo Structural Modeller.
  • New Base Plate Design module for complex columns and plate geometries.
  • Introducing License Manager, a new and improved licensing option.
  • Many more enhancements across the suite of programs...
PROKON Structural Analysis and Design ver. 3.0

License Manager

PROKON ver. 3.0 also introduces License Manager, a new licensing option. The new architectures offers many convenient features:

  • Easy to use: Log in once on a computer, select the license(s) you want to use, and start using PROKON.
  • Automatic activation: The system automatically activates a license when your run PROKON, and releases it when you close PROKON.
  • Install anywhere: Install PROKON anywhere that users can access it: on a network server or on each user's computer, or even on a memory stick.
  • Access from anywhere: Log in and use a license from any computer that has the PROKON installed. Work at your desktop in the office, at a branch office, in the field, or at home.
  • Concurrent use: Users in your organisation can share a license. The number of simultaneous users is determined by the number of workstations contained in your license. If all workstations are in use, one user can simply close his PROKON to make the license available to another user.
  • Unobtrusive: The system works in the background to provide license access.
  • Redundant: License provisioning relies on Internet access. In the case of loss of internet connectivity, the system continues offline.
  • Access control: A user has to log in before he can use a license, preventing unauthorised use. The account administrator can register or remove license users as required.
  • Reporting: View current and historic information on license use.

Upgrading to PROKON version 3.0

Depending on your upgrade eligibility, you can use either of the following easy upgrade procedures:

  • Use Live Update to download and install the new version. After upgrading, run Live Update (which would have been updated to a newer version too) one more time to install the last remaining new program components. More information... 
  • Download and install the Service Pack. More information...

System Requirements for PROKON version 3.0

Minimum system requirements:

  • PC with 1GB or 2GB RAM (depending on version of Windows) and 1,024 x 768 SVGA display.
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).


  • PC with dual CPU cores, 8GB RAM or more.
  • Nvidia Quaddro FX or equivalent graphics adaptor that supports OpenGL and hardware acceleration.


    Installing the software on a solid state drive (SSD) and/or setting the working folder to an SSD will greatly incease performance.
  • Windows 10 Professional Edition 64-bit*.

* Sumo Structural Modeller and Frame Analysis are available in 64-bit and 32-bit modules. Under 64-bit, they benefit by enhanced memory addressing provided by 64-bit versions of Windows.