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 Below is a collection of videos demonstating the capabilities of PROKON Structural Analysis in the analysis, design and detailing of typical structures.

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PROKON Build Youtube Channel: A collection of product demonstrations and how-to videos for Revit® Struture, Prodesk Suite, Probar 2D (formerly AutoPadds) and Sumo Structural Modeller.

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Portal Frame Design: A video showing how to model a portal frame in six minutes with PROKON Frame Analysis and using the Design Links to the steel member and connection design modules.

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Building Design in Frame Analysis: A video showing how to model a building in PROKON Frame Analysis using shell finite elements.

Part 1 (4:55)
Part 2 (4:48)
Part 1 (17 MB)
Part 2 (17 MB)

Portal Frame Analysis: A video demonstrating the use of the Modeller function for building a model of a steel portal frame in PROKON Frame Analysis.

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Reinforcement Detailing with AutoPadds: This video demonstrates the working of ProBAR 2D (formerly AutoPadds) in AutoCad®. AutoPadds is an extension for AutoCAD® that is based on the PROKON detailing program Padds.

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