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Probar 2D Features

Probar 2D is an extension for AutoCAD® with reinforcement detailing functionality similar to that of Padds. Probar 2D complements and extends the reinforcement functionality of Revit®.

AutoPadds Bending Schedule PaletteReinforcement Shape Codes

With Probar 2D, you can create your own libraries of reinforcement shape codes. Shape codes for the following codes of practice are included by default:

  • BS 4466 - 1989
  • BS 8666 - 2005
  • SANS 282 - 2004

Rebar Properties Palette

Probar 2D has a properties palette for rebar objects (similar to other AutoCad® object such as lines and circles) for easy editing of rebar properties such as diameter, shape code and dimensions. And like other objects, rebar objects can be filtered out of a multiple object selection by selecting type “Rebar” from the type dropdown at the top of the properties palette.

Schedule Palette

Probar 2D has a scheduling calculator is contained in a AutoCAD® docking palette, making it easy to access. The palette's purpose is to read all the rebar objects in the drawing, help you sort the information, and output it in tables on the AutoCAD® drawing.