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Download PROKON Demo

Use the links below to download PROKON® software and updates. Note that you require an active license to access all features in the software and/or install updates.

PROKON Setup Package (including Demo Version)

Download the PROKON® Setup Package to install the essential components of PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design. You can use the Setup Packge to install a demo version or fully licensed version of PROKON®. More information...

PROKON Updates

Download the PROKON® Service Pack or use PROKON® Live Update to update your programs to the latest version. More information:

PROKON Manuals

The printed user's guides are no longer actively maintained. Instead, up-to-date information is included in the online help: press F1 or use the Contents command on the Help menu while in the program.

Much of the information of the last editions of the printed manuals is still relevant to the current version of the software. For the convenience of users that prefer printed documentation, we are making the the last editions of the PROKON and Padds manuals are available as is below. (The downloadable files are zipped PDF documents.)

Autodesk Extensions

Download AutoCAD® and Revit® extensions: